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The US Army has installed PRIDE Merlin is an expert system developed (Pulse Radar Intelligent Diagnostic at Hewlett Packard's Networked Environment), a diagnostic expert Computer Manufacturing Operation system developed by Carnegie Group (Roseville, CA) to forecast the factory's (Pittsburgh, PA), in Saudi Arabia in product demand. Lucid (Menlo Park, CA), producer of American Airlines (Dallas, TX) has the Lucid Common Lisp language, developed an expert system - Maintenance has acquired Peritus, a producer of Operation Control Advisor C/C and FORTRAN compilers. Consolidated Edison (New York, Nova Technology (Bethesda, MD), a NY) has developed the SOCCS Alarm new company founded by Naval Advisor, an expert system that recommends Research Center scientist Harold Szu, operator actions required plans to commercialize neural networks to maintain the necessary and continuous made from high-performance power supply to its customers. Kurzweil AI (Waltham, MA) has Inference (El Segundo, CA) has received a federal grant to develop named Peter Tierney CEO and president. VoiceGI, a voice-activated reporting Tierney was formerly VP of and database management system marketing at Oracle.