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Salinas company FarmWise has weeder on Time's list of Best Inventions of 2020


A behemoth of a worker, recently recognized by a national publication, that can meticulously and precisely remove weeds growing between sprouting crops is being employed on farms in California and Arizona. Time magazine recently placed the FarmWise Titan FT-35 on its list of Best Inventions of 2020. It is an automated mechanical weeder that can help substitute the pass of a hand-weeding crew, which usually has 10 to 15 people. FarmWise has its operations headquarters, or home base for its team and machines, in Salinas and an office in San Francisco that houses most of its engineers. The company works with farming operations in the Salinas Valley such as Dole and Braga Fresh, plus dozens of other customers.

Start-up Profile – FarmWise - Machine Learning and Robotics Powers Agricultural Weeding Solution - Robotics Business Review


Editor's Note: Robotics Business Review's coverage emphasizes innovation, including start-up companies (or'young' companies). RBR "Start-Up Profiles" highlight individual start-up companies using a consistent, templated format that makes for quick, yet informed reading, that also simplifies comparative analysis. Funding Status – $20.2 million raised so far (Series A) FarmWise builds innovative systems and processes to streamline farm operations and increase food production efficiency. Technology / Product / Service(s) – For vegetable growers who face increased growing costs and new regulatory pressures, FarmWise builds innovative systems and processes to streamline farm operations and increase food production efficiency. FarmWise's first product, an automated mechanical weeder powered by AI and robotics has captured more than 100 million crop images. Today, it is offered as a service to vegetable growers in California and Arizona.

Inherent Risks of Agriculture Drive AI Adoption


The cultivation and domestication of plants and animals first began around 12,000 years ago, making agriculture the oldest of all enterprises. It is still among the largest. Despite this heritage, the timeless uncertainties of weather, land, and demand are driving the industry to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies – at least in the developed world. One example is the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology (WGCIT) in Salinas, California. The WGCIT was created to discover new technologies, set up testing, facilitate industry feedback, and communicate progress to produce farmers in California, Arizona, and Colorado.