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It didn't take long for Meta's new chatbot to say something offensive

CNN Top Stories

Meta's new chatbot can convincingly mimic how humans speak on the internet -- for better and worse. In conversations with CNN Business this week, the chatbot, which was released publicly Friday and has been dubbed BlenderBot 3, said it identifies as "alive" and "human," watches anime and has an Asian wife. It also falsely claimed that Donald Trump is still president and there is "definitely a lot of evidence" that the election was stolen. If some of those responses weren't concerning enough for Facebook's parent company, users were quick to point out that the artificial intelligence-powered bot openly blasted Facebook. In one case, the chatbot reportedly said it had "deleted my account" over frustration with how Facebook handles user data.

Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms


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Tinder swipes left on the metaverse as company reports $10M quarterly loss from the effort

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Dating app Tinder has a message for the metaverse: it's not you, it's me. The company is reducing its commitment to moving into the much-touted virtual reality realm as it reels from an operating loss of $10 million in the most recent financial quarter. In February, 2021 Match Group bought South Korean company Hyperconnect for over $1.7 billion. At the time, top executives hyped the purchase as one that would see Match Group's various dating apps slide into DMs of the future metaverse thanks to Hyperconnect's live video and chat technologies. The metaverse, which has been highly pushed by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley moguls, can include virtual reality and also augmented reality that would combine aspects of the physical and digital worlds.

Artificial intelligence: Top trending companies on Twitter in Q2 2022


Verdict has listed five of the companies that trended the most in Twitter discussions related to artificial intelligence (AI), using research from GlobalData's Technology Influencer platform. The top companies are the most mentioned companies among Twitter discussions of more than 629 AI experts tracked by GlobalData's Technology Influencer platform during the second quarter (Q2) of 2022. Alphabet's Google claiming its new AI models allow for nearly instant weather forecasts, the company's new AI Test Kitchen app helping users explore the potential of conversational AI, and Google Research's collaboration with New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute scientists to detect cellular signatures of Parkinson's disease, were some of the popular discussions in Q2 2022. Ronald van Loon, CEO of the Intelligent World, an influencer network that connects businesses and experts to audiences, shared an article on multinational technology conglomerate Alphabet's Google, a technology company, stating that its new AI models allow for nearly instantaneous weather forecasts. The increasingly important tool to address climate change, is in its initial stages of development, and is yet to be used in commercial systems, the article detailed.

Tinder chief leaves dating app after less than a year

The Guardian

The chief executive of Tinder has left the dating app after less than a year after the market value of its parent company plunged by more than a fifth following reporting disappointing results. The departure of Renate Nyborg was one of a number of management changes announced by the $20bn Match Group, which owns dating brands including Hinge, Tinder and Its share price plunged by more than 20% on Tuesday after missing Wall Street second-quarter expectations and issuing weaker-than-expected guidance. "Today we are announcing the departure of Tinder chief executive Renate Nyborg, and I have made some changes to the management team and structure that I am confident will help deliver Tinder's full potential," said Bernard Kim, the chief executive of Match Group, in a letter to shareholders. "We have not been able to realise the monetisation successes that we typically deliver. Tinder's current revenue growth expectations for the second half of the year are below our original expectations as a result of disappointing execution on several optimisations and new product initiatives."

Senior Machine Learning Engineer


Twitch is the world's biggest live streaming service, with global communities built around gaming, entertainment, music, sports, cooking, and more. It's where millions of people come together to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment. You'll find coworkers who are eager to team up, collaborate, and smash (or elegantly solve) problems together. We're on a quest to empower live communities, so if this sounds good to you, see what we're up to on LinkedIn and Twitter, get interviewing tips on Instagram, and discover projects we're solving on our Blog. Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) is a managed live video service, within Amazon Web Services (AWS), built on top of Twitch Video.

Having rich childhood friends is linked to a higher salary as an adult

New Scientist

Children who grow up in low-income households but who make friends that come from higher-income homes are more likely to have higher salaries in adulthood than those who have fewer such friends. "There's been a lot of speculation… that the individuals' access to social capital, their social networks and the community they live in might matter a lot for a child's chance to rise out of poverty," says Raj Chetty at Harvard University. To find out how if that holds up, he and his colleagues analysed anonymised Facebook data belonging to 72.2 million people in the US between the ages of 25 and 44, accounting for 84 per cent of the age group's US population. It is relatively nationally representative of that age group, he says. The team used a machine learning algorithm to determine each person's socioeconomic status (SES), combining data such as the median income of people who live in the same region, the person's age, sex and the value of their phone model as a proxy for individual income.

For Gen Z, TikTok is more than entertainment. It's a search engine.


"I'll go to TikTok for fashion, food, or culture because I know the user base of the app provides that content, whereas on Twitter I'll search for the news." Carter isn't the only one: Increasingly, young people are using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to search for things to do and places to try, even seeking out news and important information, rather than consulting traditional discovery tools like Google Search and Google Maps. According to TechCrunch, Google's Prabhakar Raghavan, a senior vice president in charge of Google Search, said, "In our studies, something like almost 40 percent of young people, when they're looking for a place for lunch, they don't go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram." Growing up with access to the internet, I've learned to customize my experience on the internet.

Dubber Launches on NUWAVE's iPILOT Platform for Global Integration with Microsoft Teams


Dubber Corporation Limited (Dubber) announced that it has signed a Foundation Partner agreement with Nuwave Communications, Inc. (NUWAVE). NUWAVE, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the fastest growing providers of Microsoft voice services in North America and a key player in the Microsoft Operator Connect calling program. Dubber Unified Conversational Recording (UCR) and voice data services are now integrated into iPILOTTM and available to all NUWAVE clients from August 1. Microsoft Teams has more than 270 million monthly active users, making it the world's fastest growing and most popular business communication suite. NUWAVE is a global communications and cloud platform as a service provider with a focus on simplification, automation, and innovation.

Senior Data Engineer


Unqork is a new way to build enterprise software: it's a purely visual, drag-and-drop no-code platform designed to support the scale, complexity and security that enterprise applications require. Our customers are leaders in insurance, financial services, healthcare and the public sector, and they use Unqork to build custom software faster, with higher quality and at lower costs than code-based approaches. Founded in 2017, Unqork reached unicorn status in 2020, with a valuation of $2B. Unqork has been named one of the Best Startup Employers by Forbes, Best Places to Work by Built In and one of LinkedIn's Top Startups. The Senior Data Engineer's responsibilities and duties will include, but are not limited to, the following: Any suitable combination of education, training, or experience is acceptable.