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AI Tools Like ChatGPT May Reshape Teaching Materials -- And Possibly Substitute Teach


This summer, a coding class offered by a private school in Austin, Texas, was led by an unusual teacher. The PreK-8 school, Paragon Prep, offered a series of optional, self-paced, video lessons that were automatically generated from a textbook. In them, an animated avatar made to look like the 19th-century computing pioneer Ada Lovelace taught the basics of the Python programming language. "We'll also look at basic concepts of data analysis, using NumPy as well as Pandas," said the avatar in a female computer voice that sounds more like the iPhone's Siri than like a 19th-century British mathematician, her mouth moving clumsily as she speaks. "If you have no idea what any of that means, that's perfectly fine, good and normal. This course was meant for anyone interested in becoming a future software engineer or data scientist, not someone who is already one."

The developer role is changing radically, and these figures show how


Microsoft-owned GitHub says it now has more than 100 million developers using the code-hosting service to contribute to software projects. GitHub's user numbers are up from 73 million in 2021 and 40 million in 2019, which was a year after Microsoft acquired it for $7.5 billion, with 28 million users, and gained cross-platform desktop development framework Electron. If GitHub's 100 million users are all active developers, it perhaps reflects how the nature of software development is changing. Also: Memory safe programming languages are on the rise. Here's how developers should respond SlashData, for example, estimates there are 24 million active developers worldwide.

Sanskrit as a Codified Language. Special help from Vinayak Ojha, A…


Computing started in April 1936 with the invention of the first electronic computer by IBM. It gave new hope towards coding languages which was a previously unknown field. What if someone told you, the hunt for codification in languages started way back? Like many ancient Indian forgotten legends. One example is Panini's "Ashtadhyayi".

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Throughout this Nano-degree program, you will learn different data structures for storing data, different methods to manipulate these data structures and examine the efficiency, searching and sorting on different data structures, and more advanced algorithms such as brute-force greedy algorithms, graph algorithms, and dynamic programming.

How Do Java Mutation Tools Differ?

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We adopted a Delphi method, which is commonly used when the problem under analysis can benefit from collective and subjective judgments or decisions and when group dynamics do not allow for effective communication (for example, time differences, distance).14 Three of the authors, in weekly meetings, iteratively analyzed the extracted data, resolved ambiguity, and converged onto the final abstraction shown in Table 1. Based on a final data analysis, we made three key observations.

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US Citizens only1-on-1 mentorship, training and advice to help users land their next job. Pay only if you succeed in getting hired and start work at a high-paying job first. Ready to find your dream job? Use this free career assessment test to figure it out. These tools support mission planning, rehearsal, training and execution use cases for military commanders across echelons and services Our applications have been shown to deliver unique value to the warfighter due to the quality of generated COAs, User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) design that makes it easy to fully comprehend complex COA results and to define mission inputs, as well as ease of deployment and integration with other systems with well-defined modern Application Program Interfaces (APIs)1-on-1 mentorship, training and advice to help users land their next job.

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This is the best Python tutorial for beginners. Here you are going to be introduced to the amazing world of programming. You will be taught about the basic staff of programming and how you can construct programs in Python. This online Python crash course will cover the concepts like variables, functions, logic, expressions, and also conditionals. These are the basic concepts of programming.



Are passionate about contributing to solutions that benefit science and business at the same time; Are able to communicate with university and business stakeholders; Have knowledge of several of the following techniques: mathematical programming, dynamic programming, reinforcement learning, supervised learning, simulation, business analytics, heuristics, etc.; Can code in one or more of the following programming languages: Python, Java, C, Delphi, Matlab, and R; Have, or will shortly acquire, an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, or related programme; Possess excellent communication skills and are proficient in English.

AI programming tools may mean rethinking compsci education


Analysis While the legal and ethical implications of assistive AI models like GitHub's Copilot continue to be sorted out, computer scientists continue to find uses for large language models and urge educators to adapt. Brett A. Becker, assistant professor at University College Dublin in Ireland, provided The Register with pre-publication copies of two research papers exploring the educational risks and opportunities of AI tools for generating programming code. The papers have been accepted at the 2023 SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, to be held March 15 to 18 in Toronto, Canada. In June, GitHub Copilot, a machine learning tool that automatically suggests programming code in response to contextual prompts, emerged from a year long technical preview, just as concerns about the way its OpenAI Codex model was trained and the implications of AI models for society coalesced into focused opposition. In "Programming Is Hard – Or at Least It Used to Be: Educational Opportunities And Challenges of AI Code Generation" [PDF], Becker and co-authors Paul Denny (University of Auckland, New Zealand), James Finnie-Ansley (University of Auckland), Andrew Luxton-Reilly (University of Auckland), James Prather (Abilene Christian University, USA), and Eddie Antonio Santos (University College Dublin) argue that the educational community needs to deal with the immediate opportunities and challenges presented by AI-driven code generation tools.