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The Morning After: Our favorite small kitchen gadgets


As we wrap up our Cooking Week on Engadget, my purchase of a milk frother is just one part of the Engadget team's surprisingly broad selection of essential small kitchen gadgets -- big spenders can scroll down to Breville's bonkers induction cooker. But back to me: Nespresso's Barista Recipe Maker heats and froths your milk (or milk alternative) simply to upgrade your espressos or moka coffees into flat whites, cappuccinos and more. I've owned mine for a couple of years, and I love how easy it is to clean. The spin mechanism is magnet-based, too, so it's less likely to break and should last plenty of summers filled with iced macchiatos. For all the other kitchen-centric stories this week, you can find them here.

Logitech's Harmony Express is a sleek Alexa-powered universal remote


Logitech's popular Harmony universal remotes have long been the go-to solution for tech-savvy nerds who want to replace the bounty of ugly rectangles littering their coffee tables with a single, all-powerful option. But universal remotes are still pretty complex on their own, with dozens of buttons and, in some cases, LCD screens. You're basically swapping several remotes for something that looks like it belongs in one of NASA's Mission Control Centers. Now, there's something simpler: the Harmony Express, a compact universal remote that replaces a slew of buttons with Amazon Alexa voice controls. The $250 Express isn't meant to replace the Harmony Elite, which Logitech released back in 2015 and is still one of the best high-end universal remotes around.