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Ukraine's valiant efforts to defeat Russia being undermined by Chinese technology

FOX News

Ukrainian member of parliament Rustem Umerov reacts to President Biden announcing on Wednesday another $1.2 billion in security and humanitarian assistance on'Fox News @ Night.' An individual's location is typically known to someone or thing at any given time whether using a smartphone or device – such as a drone. This issue has become one of tremendous strategic importance for Ukrainians in their battle against Russian aggression. Allegations have arisen that Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), a Chinese company that is the world's largest civilian drone manufacturer, has been providing the Russian military with software to track Ukrainians piloting DJI drones used to conduct operations. The matter raises grave new concerns about the behavior of another Beijing technology behemoth and its impact on Ukrainian self-defense efforts. Ukraine's minister of digital transformation sent an open letter to DJI founder Frank Wang in March accusing Russia of using "an extended version of DJI AeroScope" to navigate missiles that are killing Ukrainian civilians.