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Chinese military eying AI to gain cyber, space dominance: think tank

The Japan Times

The Chinese military is aiming to utilize cutting-edge technologies like private sector-developed artificial intelligence to enhance its offensive capability in domains such as cyberspace and outer space, a Japanese Defense Ministry think tank warned Friday. Beijing aspires to match the United States' overall military capacity by transforming its People's Liberation Army into a world-class fighting force with the help of advanced technologies, the National Institute for Defense Studies said in its annual report on China's security strategy. The report said that until the Chinese catch up with the American military, "the PLA will build up its interference and strike capabilities to prevent the United States' military use of both the cyber and space domains." The China Security Report 2021 was released as the rivalry between Washington and Beijing has been intensifying, as has competition for technological hegemony. The United States has restricted exports of semiconductors to Huawei Technologies Co., the Chinese telecom giant that is aiming to expand its dominance of next-generation 5G technology.

Huawei thanks Indian Govt for 5G trials permission, says committed to India


Beijing: China's telecommunications giant Huawei on Tuesday thanked the Indian government for permitting it to participate in the upcoming trials for 5G networks, a major boost to the company amidst a US clampdown on it citing national security risks. The 5G is the next generation cellular technology with download speeds stated to be 10 to 100 times faster than current 4G networks. The 5G networking standard is seen as critical because it can support the next generation of mobile devices in addition to new applications like driverless cars and gadgets made out of artificial intelligence (AI). Huawei rivals western equipment makers, such as Ericsson, and is banned in the US. India on Monday indicated its unwillingness to keep any company out of the 5G trials.