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Elon Musk's Twitter Bot Problem Is Fake News WSJD - Technology

With his professed concern about fake accounts on Twitter, Elon Musk appears to be grasping at legal straws in an attempt to back out of his commitment to buy the social networking company for $54.20 a share, or at least to pay less for it. But his gambit has shined a light on a real scourge of online companies and their users. Counting the autonomous accounts that mimic real people is just as slippery as valuing companies. A 2020 study by Adrian Rauchfleisch and Jonas Kaiser looking at thousands of Twitter accounts, including hundreds of verified politicians as well as "obvious" bots, found Botometer, the industry-standard learning algorithm trained to calculate the likelihood an account is a bot, yields imprecise scores leading to both false negatives and false positives.

Chinese Drone Giant DJI Suspends Business in Russia, Ukraine WSJD - Technology

HONG KONG--China's SZ DJI Technology Co., the world's largest maker of consumer drones, said it is suspending business activities in Ukraine and Russia pending a compliance review. The disclosure by the Shenzhen-based company follows complaints from Ukrainian officials of technical glitches in its products that they said appeared to aid Russia's military activities in the country. DJI has said that it never tampered with its products and that it was trying to fix the malfunction problems.

Pentagon Taps Lyft's Machine-Learning Chief WSJD - Technology

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks in a statement said the move is aimed at increasing the speed at which the military develops advanced AI, data analytics and machine-learning technology. "Advances in AI and machine learning are critical to delivering the capabilities we need to address key challenges both today and into the future," Dr. Hicks said. In his role, Dr. Martell, who joined Lyft two years ago and has also led machine-learning development at software company Dropbox Inc. and Microsoft Corp.'s LinkedIn, will oversee the department's new digital and AI office, the agency said. The Morning Download delivers daily insights and news on business technology from the CIO Journal team. Launched in February, the office is part of restructuring efforts that combine the department's enterprisewide data, AI and cyber initiatives under one roof.

U.S. Drone Startups See an Opening in Ukraine WSJD - Technology

Hovering in the sky above Ukraine are hundreds of small drones from U.S. startups, searching for survivors in war-pummeled cities and Russian hide-outs in the scarred landscape. Those startups, including Seattle-based BRINC Drones Inc. and Silicon Valley's Skydio Inc., are rushing to fill a gap in Ukraine after government officials called out products supplied by Chinese company SZ DJI Technology Co., the world's largest commercial drone maker, as a security risk for Ukraine's military and civilians.

Ukrainians Use Drones, Facial-Recognition Software as They Probe Alleged War Crimes WSJD - Technology

BUCHA, Ukraine--Searching for evidence in the killings of hundreds of people by Russian troops here, Ukrainian prosecutor Ruslan Kravchenko unlocked the double doors leading to a boiler room on the south side of town. The space had been used as an office by the occupying forces. Two weeks after Russia's retreat from areas around the Ukrainian capital, local and national authorities are embarking on a wide-ranging probe of alleged war crimes with the aim of building cases strong enough to persuade an international court to hold the Kremlin and its soldiers responsible.

How Hospitals Are Using AI to Save Lives WSJD - Technology

Artificial-intelligence algorithms are processing vast troves of data in electronic medical records, searching for patterns to predict future outcomes and recommend treatments. They are creating early-warning systems to help hospital staff spot subtle but serious changes in a patient's condition that aren't always visible or noticed in a busy unit, and predicting which patients about to be discharged from the hospital are at highest risk of being readmitted. These systems are just one effort in a vast array of AI projects in healthcare--from helping detect cancer in radiology images to identifying which drugs to test on patients with different diseases. But this prediction technology holds especially significant promise to transform care and improve patient safety in ER and ICU cases--as long as the systems can be designed to avoid some of the medical, technological and ethical concerns that have emerged in mixing the science of machine learning with the art of medicine. Sepsis Watch is based on data from 42,000 inpatient encounters, with 21.3% of those patients having experienced sepsis.

A Science of Buildings That Can Grow---and Melt Away WSJD - Technology

A look at how innovation and technology are transforming the way we live, work and play. A body of work that includes a pavilion spun by 6,500 silkworms (with the help of a robotic arm), a series of 3D-printed sculptures filled with liquid channels of the pigment melanin (which she envisions could be used in the façades of buildings to protect against ultraviolet rays), and a collection of artifacts constructed using materials derived from shrimp shells and insect exoskeletons. Since leaving academia, Ms. Oxman, 46 years old, has focused on Oxman, the New York-based architecture firm that she founded in 2020 with the aim of applying her design philosophy to real-world projects. A retrospective of her work is on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The Wall Street Journal spoke to Ms. Oxman about the future of urban architecture and how she thinks design can be used as a tool to fight climate change. The idea behind material ecology is to enable total synergy between grown and built environments by deploying new digital technologies that allow us to augment bio-based materials for large-scale construction.

Cities Take the Lead in Setting Rules Around How AI Is Used WSJD - Technology

A look at what New York, London, Barcelona and other places are doing to establish regulations that other cities—and countries—may want to copy

Inside Intel's Strategy to Compete With Nvidia in the AI-Chip Market WSJD - Technology

Intel is known mainly for its dominance in the market for central processing units, the brains behind personal computers and the servers that run corporate networks and the internet. But it has lost some of its sheen for investors over the past decade as Nvidia gobbled up the market for chips specifically designed for AI purposes, especially chips that train AI models. Nvidia now accounts for about 80% of revenue from AI-specific computation in big data centers, according to Informa PLC's Omdia unit, a British research and consulting firm, although that doesn't account for any AI calculations done on Intel's general-purpose CPUs. That dominance in AI-specific chips helped Nvidia surpass Intel as the most valuable chip company in the U.S. by market capitalization two years ago. AI chips are a relatively small but rapidly growing segment of the overall chip market.

Alphabet's Wing to Launch Drone Delivery in Dallas-Fort Worth Area WSJD - Technology

Products delivered through other Wing customers, including ice cream from Blue Bell Creameries, first-aid kits from Texas Health Resources and pet prescriptions from easyvet veterinary clinics, will be handled at a staging area at a mixed-use development in Frisco, Texas, by Wing employees. Over time, Wing plans to have customers operate their own drone deliveries. Wing said deliveries will be limited to "tens of thousands of suburban homes" in Frisco and Little Elm for now. "This third-party delivery model will give businesses the ability to reach their customers in faster and cheaper ways than ever before," said Alexa Dennett, head of communications for Wing. Wing also operates commercial drone services in Christiansburg, Va., Finland and Australia.