DJI: U.S. Army Won't Say Why It Banned Our Drones, Products

International Business Times

The memo cited a classified report, "DJI UAS Technology Threat and User Vulnerabilities," and a U.S. Navy memo, "Operational Risks with Regards to DJI Family of Products." The rule also applies to other items from the company, including flight computers, cameras, radios, batteries, speed controllers, GPS units, handheld control stations, and devices with DJI software applications installed. "We can confirm that guidance was issued," the U.S. Army told International Business Times on Tuesday, "however, we are currently reviewing the guidance and cannot comment further at this time." Others have expressed privacy concerns regarding data collection, as reports claimed DJI shared information with Chinese authorities, a claim the company has disputed.

Humans Brains Could Be Connected To Computers If Elon Musk's Neuralink Is Approved

International Business Times

In March, Musk launched Neuralink, a medical research company that creates brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). A few weeks after Musk announced Neuralink, Facebook said it was developing a way for people to "type" by thought. Last year the U.S. military's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced a $60 million program to develop an implantable neural interface. DARPA's goal is to develop a device that can record 1 million neurons simultaneously and stimulate at least 100,000 in the brain.