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The Falcon 9 used for the mission launched 10 Iridium satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The launch got 10 satellites into orbit, SpaceX is contracted to launch 75 of these communication satellites for Iridium and with Monday's launch has successfully put 30 into orbit. After the launch and deployment of the satellites the first stage of the rocket then entered Earth's atmosphere again and landed upright on the drone ship "Just Read The Instructions." The third launch of a bath of 10 Iridium satellites took place at Vandenberg Air Force base in California.

New York Bombing Suspect Unconscious, Intubated; Police Say They Have Yet To Question Him

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New York bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami is reported intubated and unconscious Wednesday at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, where he was taken following a shootout with police. Rahami has been charged with Saturday's bombing in the Chelsea section of Manhattan that left 31 people injured. Newark FBI spokesman Bob Reilly said Rahami had undergone surgery and police have yet to interrogate him. Rahami is suspected of placing an explosive device that detonated in a Dumpster as well as a pressure-cooker device several blocks away that failed to detonate. He also is expected to placing a pipe bomb in a garbage can along a race route in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Russian Military Army-2016 Expo: 10 Weapons Of War On Display At Annual Forum Near Moscow [PHOTOS]

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From launching a yearlong anti-ISIS airstrike campaign in Syria to conducting naval exercises in the South China Sea this week, Russia's military might is showing no signs of slowing after its global expo promoting the country's brand new weapons of war concluded Sunday. The International Military-Technical Forum, an event held this past week near Moscow called "Army-2016," featured more than 11,000 pieces of modern military hardware to show "the maximum range of the export potential of Russian high-tech military products, represented in the form of natural samples on static display and in action on land, water and in the sky," the official website says. Some of the items on display included bombs, air defense systems and unmanned vehicles for both the air and ground that Sputnik News called robots. Below are photos and video of 10 key state-of-the-art weapons of war Russia had on display. The horwitzer armored truck that is also known as the "Phlox" comes with a powerful cannon mounted on top that has the ability to shoot with precision targets that are more than 6 miles away.