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Just one week after the sheriff's department in Cecil County, Md., got its brand new drone up and running, it was asked to investigate a case of stolen construction equipment. So the Cecil County Sheriff sent his Typhoon H Pro to investigate. The sheriff's department in Somerset County, N.J., hopes its drones could help it find missing people. "Years ago, when we had people wander off, we would bring out the rescue department, the fire department, fire department volunteers, K-9 if we had it and we'd search and search and search and never find the person," said Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provensano.

Italian researchers optimistic on medical breakthroughs despite cuts in funding - VIDEO: Italian scientists research new cancer treatments

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Despite Italy's recent cuts in scientific research and the so-called brain drain that has cast a shadow over growth prospects for the peninsula, the country has seen some notable advances in cancer research and robotics in recent months. At Milan's renowned San Raffaele University and Research Hospital, a breakthrough in the search for blood cancer cures that may also fight other cancers is inspiring optimism among some doctors. Dr. Chiara Bonini, head of the experimental hematology unit at San Raffaele University and Research Hospital, and her team have contributed to the global buzz surrounding T-cell therapy, which involves engineering the patient's immune system to fight cancer. Bonini's team has found a way to track the T-cells that can last longest in the immune system, which they believe may lead to creating a drug that can last through a patient's lifetime and prevent cancer from returning. "I have to say, the results are really, really promising," Bonini told

Eye-tracking device may lead to 60-second concussion diagnosis

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A neuro-technology company has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for a medical device that could detect concussions in less than 60 seconds on the sidelines of playing fields across the nation. EYE-SYNC, a product of SyncThink, is an integrated head-mounted eye-tracking device that analyzes eye movement impairment through the use of virtual reality. Dr. Jamshid Ghajar, neurosurgeon at Stanford University, president of the Brain Trauma Foundation, and SyncThink founder, told the product is distinct mainly because it does not claim to diagnose a concussion but rather detects disruption in visual information. "All of the other technologies out there say that they're'diagnosing concussion,' but there's no accepted definition, so how are you diagnosing it?" he said. Data released by the National Football League (NFL) in January revealed the rate of concussions in the 2015 season was up nearly 32 percent compared with data from 2014, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that each year nearly 500,000 children are treated for a traumatic brain injury, including concussion.