Portal to the future?

FOX News

The automaker's new Portal concept is a battery-powered, semi-autonomous, connected vehicle that it says was designed by millennials for themselves. It boasts a 250 mile range, and can fill up with 150 miles worth of electricity in 20 minutes at a fast charge station. Its 100 kWh battery pack is integrated into the floor, which helps maximize interior space. Front and rear sliding doors create large entry portals that inspire the minivan's name, while its six captain's chairs have fold-up seat bottoms and are mounted on rails that allow the cabin to be easily reconfigured to accommodate cargo or passengers, as needed. The driver can be a passenger some of the time thanks to a suite of cameras, radar, Lidar, and ultrasonic sensors, plus high-definition maps augmented by GPS and car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications that enable Level 3 autonomy, which allows the Portal to drive itself on some highways with human supervision.