Minivan of the future

FOX News

The most futuristic car you'll see this week is a minivan. Waymo, Google parent Alphabet's recently announced self-driving automobile technology company, has unveiled its new autonomous Chrysler Pacifica. Fiat-Chrysler worked with Waymo to integrate its bulky suite of Radar, Lidar and camera equipment into the Pacifica Hybrid, along with all of the gear needed for it to drive itself. One hundred of the augmented people carriers have been built and will be hitting the road next year. Waymo says that it has already put prototypes of the vehicles through their paces on closed test tracks and exposed them to over 200 hours of extreme weather conditions.

Uber allegedly spied on users, including celebrities like Beyoncé

FOX News

Uber might be one of the best ways to hail a taxi in many cities around the world, but it's also a controversial service that has been plagued by scandals. The company has said it couldn't access ride data information for its users. A former Uber security expert, however, claims that employees have been able to track people using the app, including high-profile customers. Uber employees helped ex-boyfriends stalk ex-girlfriends, and were even able to access trip information for celebrities like Beyonce, Reveal News explains. These revelations come from the company's former in-house forensic investigator Ward Spangenberg.

First ride in Uber's self-driving car

FOX News

Uber rolled out its much anticipated self-driving car service for a group of selected customers in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. The ride-hailing firm became the first to offer the futuristic technology to the public in the United States, and Fox News went for a spin. It's still a work in progress, so the vehicle has a specially-trained human being in the driver's seat who can take control of it if something goes wrong, and an engineer taking notes on the passenger side. Although in the early stages of development, the cars are impressively autonomous: a spinning LIDAR on the roof takes in 1 million points of data per second, creating a visual field of everything around the car. There are also 20 cameras detecting everything, including red lights, stop signs and pedestrians.