Russia urges Turkey to help stop rebel raids in Syria

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MOSCOW – The Russian military has urged its Turkish counterparts to tighten monitoring of opposition in northern Syria in the wake of a drone attack on Russian military bases in the country.

Turkish police officer stabbed to death by suspected ISIS suicide bomber in Istanbul

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A Turkish police officer was stabbed to death in Istanbul late Sunday by a suspected Islamic State terrorist, state media reported. The knife-wielding attacker reportedly had been arrested on suspicion he was preparing to carry out a suicide attack, and was in custody en route to the police station when the stabbing unfolded. The suspect reportedly was shot and killed after the stabbing. The officer died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and the attacker was shot dead immediately after the attack. It is not yet known how the suspect was able to keep a knife hidden following his arrest.

ISIS plot using drone to attack Turkish base foiled

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An alleged ISIS plot involving a drone attack on Turkey's Incirlik air base -- which is used by the U.S. Air Force -- was foiled Thursday when Turkish authorities arrested a Russian national suspected of being an Islamist militant. Renad Bakiev, who previously traveled to Syria, was detained in the southern city of Adana for planning the drone attack, police said in a statement. Officials said he admitted to surveying the Incirlik air base to plan out his strike, and attempted to attack Americans -- but he was unsuccessful. Adana police said Bakiev had ties to ISIS and also intended to assault the local Alevi community -- a religious minority ISIS regards as heretics. The religious group is also the largest one in Turkey and is an offshoot of Shia Islam.