Elon Musk's 'boring' idea

FOX News

He wants to put a human colony on Mars, fill the world with electric-powered driverless cars, charge your house with a battery and conceptualise super speed trains. Now it seems he wants to solve the scourge of traffic congestion that plagues major cities around the world. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has got many world-changing projects currently in the works but judging by an impromptu Twitter rant over the weekend, the innovative 45-year-old now wants to eradicate traffic congestion. On Sunday, Mr Musk was clearly frustrated by the slow moving traffic and decided to make a very public pledge to do something about it. Traffic is driving me nuts.

Musk wants us to be cyborgs

FOX News

Elon Musk never seems shy to share his concerns about artificial intelligence. In August 2014, he tweeted that the technology was "potentially more dangerous than nukes." Speaking to students from MIT a few months later, Musk expanded on that view and took it one step further, calling AI "our biggest existential threat." But Musk wants to walk the talk. By December 2015 he co-founded the non-profit research company OpenAI in an effort to democratize AI development and advance the technology to humanity's best benefit.