Transfer Learning Progress and Potential

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This article calls for the research community broaden its focus by conducting research that begins with the discovery of a transfer opportunity, and only arrives at the identification of relevant knowledge and methods after significant processing.

The NASD Regulation Advanced-Detection System (ADS)

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The National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., regulation advanced-detection system (ADS) monitors trades and quotations in The Nasdaq Stock Market to identify patterns and practices of behavior of potential regulatory interest. More important, it has greatly expanded surveillance coverage to new areas of the market and to many new types of behavior of regulatory concern. ADS combines detection and discovery components in a single system that supports multiple regulatory domains and shares the same market data. ADS makes use of a variety of AI techniques, including visualization, pattern recognition, and data mining, in support of the activities of regulatory analysis, alert and pattern detection, and knowledge discovery.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network AI System (FAIS) Identifying Potential Money Laundering from Reports of Large Cash Transactions

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The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FIN-CEN) AI system (FAIS) links and evaluates reports of large cash transactions to identify potential money laundering. The objective of FAIS is to discover previously unknown, potentially high-value leads for possible investigation. FAIS consists of an underlying database (that functions as a black-board), a graphic user interface, and several preprocessing and analysis modules. FAIS has been in operation at FINCEN since March 1993; a dedicated group of analysts process approximately 200,000 transactions a week, during which time over 400 investigative support reports corresponding to over $1 billion in potential laundered funds were developed.