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This "Canadian Mafia" of artificial intelligence visionaries is largely responsible for the tech industry's leap into machine learning. These are the companies that can use AI to create even better AI, embarrass China at their oldest game, police Twitter, or give your next iPhone a brain. Bengio believes that we must "create a more level playing field for people and companies," though "AI is a technology that naturally lends itself to a winner take all." Follow Nate Church @Get2Church on Twitter for the latest news in gaming and technology, and snarky opinions on both.

Building 31 powers back up

MIT News

Professor Jonathan How from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AeroAstro) describes the space as "one of the largest custom-designed, dedicated spaces for robotics research that I am aware of in academia." Building 31, officially known as the Sloan Laboratories for Aircraft and Automotive Engines, originally opened in 1928 as a single-story home for MIT's internal combustion engine research, funded by General Motors CEO Alfred P. Sloan Jr., Class of 1895. AeroAstro Professor Zoltán Spakovszky, director of the Gas Turbine Lab, which has been an anchor tenant of Building 31 since 1947, says: "The refurbished engine test cells and upgraded motor drive system for our de Laval wind tunnel and air system will greatly support our research." As students, faculty, and staff make their way back into the refurbished building over the coming weeks, excitement is high.

Antoine Blondeau's Sentient Technologies: AI For The Unknown Unknowns


Right now, the conversion rate optimization, CRO, industry, is based on AB testing, where you test a new design against an old design. "Moments are equivalent to when a sales associate in a brick and mortar store is extremely effective at creating a sale. With our product, Aware, we are relating what happens in a brick and mortar store, giving consumers a real time set of options that make sense to the consumer and taking that online," says Blondeau. From here, Antoine was hired away to join a San Francisco based company Dejima as CEO.

Predicting Portland Home Prices


Predicting Portland home prices allowed me to do this because I was able to incorporate various web scraping techniques, natural language processing on text, deep learning models on images, and gradient boosting into tackling the problem. The Zillow metadata contained the descriptors you would expect - square footage, neighborhood, year built, etc. Okay, now that I was confident that my image model was doing a good job, I was ready to combine the Zillow metadata, realtor description word matrix, and the image feature matrix into one matrix and then implement gradient boosting in order to predict home prices. Incorporating the images into my model immediately dropped that error by $20 K. Adding in the realtor description to that dropped it by another $10 K. Finally, adding in the Zillow metadata lowered the mean absolute error to approximately $71 K. Perhaps you are wondering how well the Zillow metadata alone would do in predicting home prices?

The insurtech trends making the greatest impact in 2017


The insurance disruption space hasn't seen nearly as much activity as fintech, but 2017 has seen the trinity of technological trends - machine learning, AI and Big Data - cross over and fuel the motor of change within InsurTech. As well as the goal of customer retention, the digitisation of customer experience keeps operational costs down and requires little manpower, whilst having digital and cloud based technology makes insurance services better able to cope with an increasingly demanding consumer base who want access to services anywhere and at any time. "More than machine learning", Alberto explains, "we could speak of human learning - both the insurer and SPIXII learn more (and often unexpected) from the behaviours of the customers and apply changes and adjustments in order to increase KPIs". It auto generates an insurance claim, verifies it against its blockchain ledger, and pays its users if the claim is correct.

What are the Drivers of Artificial Intelligence Industry, China vs. U.S.?


Capital investment: Based on existing data, U.S. – based AI companies have raised a total of 97.8 billion RMB (50.1% of global AI investment) compared to China-based companies that have raised 63.5 billion RMB (33.2% of global AI investment) Human capital: China has 39,200 AI specialists compared to the U.S.' 78,700. Training and retaining talent has become a critical impediment to the development of China's AI industry. Number of investment firms: The U.S. has three times the number of AI investment firms as China does. Capital investment: Based on existing data, U.S. – based AI companies have raised a total of 97.8 billion RMB (50.1% of global AI investment) compared to China-based companies that have raised 63.5 billion RMB (33.2% of global AI investment) Human capital: China has 39,200 AI specialists compared to the U.S.' 78,700.

A third of employees see Artificial Intelligence as a job creator


One in three employees believe artificial intelligence (AI) will increase the number of jobs available in the future, with millennials especially positive, reveals CCS Insight's latest employee enterprise survey. More than half of employees expect artificial intelligence to affect their jobs within three years, with 70 percent feeling it will do so within the next decade. Microsoft Office 365 remains the most popular mobile app for work purposes, used by 39 percent of respondents. 'Our 2017 annual employee technology survey continues to measure the major technology shifts occurring in workplaces, but it also reveals some new and fascinating trends that are set to unfold over the next few years', says McQuire.

Is Machine Learning Right for Your Business? IoT For All


The ML model an email provider might use to detect spam is the naive bayes classifier (but other applicable models exist as well). With the model sufficiently trained, they can use it to classify incoming emails as spam or not spam with high accuracy. No data, no quality data, no machine data, no coalesced data out of 19 different databases into a single data store … no machine learning. They can help you put together a complete ML solution -- from data retrieval, to data storage, to actually training the ML model -- and deliver powerful functionality to your product or company.

Dev Report: Machine Learning Agents Come to Unity


As developers, machine learning will definitely change the way we create software in the coming future. In a blog post this week, Unity announced the release of the what they are calling Machine Learning Agents, or ML-agents for short. Through the offering of rewards for wanted behaviors and removing rewards for unwanted behaviors, training these AI agents is very much on par with training an animal or retail sales team. Computer vision, a popular use of machine learning in the AR space that uses images to train AI agents to see and interpret images and video, is one of many forms of machine learning that will likely benefit from this type of project.

6 Ways To Get Your Artificial Intelligence Motor Running


The Capgemini report authors cited a Harvard Business Review article, which described the company's employment of an AI system, called Albert, which employed AI to help generate leads and analyze marketing campaign variables. Three in four organizations implementing AI increased sales of new products and services by more than 10%, the Capgemini survey finds. The survey finds 79% of organizations implementing AI generate new insights and better analysis. In addition, 78% of organizations implementing AI increased operational efficiency by more than 10%.