22 Question Answering

Classics (Collection 2)

Questions are asked and answered every day. Question answering (QA) technology aims to deliver the same facility online. It goes further than the more familiar search based on keywords (as in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines), in attempting to recognize what a question expresses and to respond with an actual answer. First, questions do not often translate into a simple list of keywords. For example, the question (1) Which countries did the pope visit in the 1960s?

A Paradigm for Reasoning by Analogy


A paradigm enabling heuristic problem solving programs to exploit an analogy between a current unsolved problem and a similar but previously solved problem to simplify it s search for a solu­tion is outlined. It is developed in detail for a first-order resolution logic theorem prover. Descriptions of the paradigm, implemented LISP programs, and preliminary experimental results are presented. This is believed to be the firs t system that develops analogical information and exploits it so that a problem-solving program can speed its search.IJCAI-71, British Computer Society, London, 1971. Revised version in Artificial intelligence 2(2):147- 178, fall, 1971.