XSEL: a computer sales person's assistant


This paper describes XSEL, a program being developed at Carnegie-Mellon University that will assist salespeople in tailoring computer systems to fit the needs of customers. XSEL will have two kinds of expertise: it will know how to select hardware and software components that fulfil the requirements of particular sets of applications, and it will know how to provide satisfying explanations in the computer system sales domainIn Hayes, J. E., Michie, D., and Pao, Y.-H. (Eds.), Machine Intelligence 10. Ellis Horwood.

Strategy building with the graph traverser


See also: Proceedings of The Royal SocietyIn Collins, N.L. and Donald Michie (Eds.), Machine Intelligence 1. Oliver Boyd.

A model of the trust investment process


The investment process is a problem in decision-making under uncertainty. Our model, written as a computer program, simulates the proce- dures used in choosing investment policies for particular accounts, in evaluating the alternatives presented by the market, and in selecting the required portfolios. The analysis is based on the operations at a medium-sized national bank 1 and the decision-maker of our model is the trust imvestment officer.2 From A Simulation of Trust Investment, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1961.