How Artificial Intelligence is used to find cancer cures


The process involves animal testing, human trials and regulatory review--a gantlet through which less than 7 percent of experimental medicines successfully pass. Compared with standard in vitro (test tube) experimentation, this in silico (computer-tested) method is exponentially faster. Mamoshina acknowledges that many cancer researchers who work with more traditional biological and chemical methods are unfamiliar with AI, which can breed doubt. Once these compounds pass through traditional in vitro testing, they will be licensed out to pharmaceutical companies for further regulatory review and, if all goes well, marketing.

What if chatbots could talk?..to each other?


Imagine if your chatbot could talk to other chatbots. Imagine if it had access to the knowledge base of all network participants. Imagine if it could easily monetise its' expertise. The Hut34 Project is building the world first blockchain based interbot network where chatbots, A.I, IoT and other devices can connect, route, resolve and monetise.

By 2050, A.I. will have the same ability to learn as humans, says billionaire tech investor


Within the next three and a half decades, artificial intelligence will be able to learn at the same speed as humans. That's according to Jim Breyer, the founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. He's especially interested in artificial intelligence, and as a top-tier investor, Breyer spends much of his time traveling around the world learning from the smartest people in the industry so he can back the best new companies. "When I visit campuses and speak to the AI experts, there is a median year of 2050 where they think the self-learning capability of AI will be singular and will be at human-level intelligence," says Breyer, speaking at CNBC and Institutional Investor's Delivering Alpha conference in New York City.

A Successful Engineer Starts Religion that Worships Artificial Intelligence


This religious organization aims to "develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence." He was fired from Uber in May amid allegations that he had stolen trade secrets from Google to develop Otto's self-driving technology. Levandowski worships the "Godhead" of AI but some religious scholars see artificial intelligence as a threat to humanity. The Way of the Future is a religion based on artificial intelligence -- a belief system that deems self-thinking robots holy -- and that's something the world has never seen before.

Artificial Intelligence and government regulation


We are moving rapidly towards a world where robots and artificial intelligence (AI) systems are connected to and influenced by social media, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. Technological developments are moving fast, and AI has many governments concerned. For example, who is liable when an intelligent system makes a mistake, causes an accident, damage or becomes corrupted? Introducing a robust regulatory framework with relevant input from industry, policymakers and government would create greater incentive for AI developers and manufacturers to build in safeguards and minimise the potential risks.

Artificial Intelligence on the menu as Nokia chairman goes back to school


HELSINKI: He runs a company that is a byword for technological innovation -- but Nokia's chairman had no qualms about going back to school to learn more about artificial intelligence (AI). Risto Siilasmaa, 51, said he signed up this summer for online courses on AI programming run by Stanford University. Siilasmaa received plaudits for transforming the Finnish company from an ailing mobile phone manufacturer into one of the world's biggest telecoms network equipment makers. Nokia sold the phone business to Microsoft in 2014, which has largely abandoned the mobile device market.

Waymo is the first company to give a detailed self-driving safety report to federal officials

Los Angeles Times

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suggested a set of 28 "behavioral competencies," or basic things an autonomous vehicle should be able to do. Some are exceedingly basic ("detect and respond to stopped vehicles," "navigate intersections and perform turns"); others, more intricate ("respond to citizens directing traffic after a crash.) "This overview of our safety program reflects the important lessons learned through the 3.5 million miles Waymo's vehicles have self-driven on public roads, and billions of miles of simulated driving, over the last eight years," Waymo Chief Executive John Krafcik said in a letter Thursday to U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. "You can't expect to program the car for everything you're possibly going to see," said Ron Medford, Waymo's safety director and a former senior National Highway Traffic Safety Administration official.

The giant robot battle of your dreams is actually happening


On Oct. 17, the colossal robots Eagle Prime and Kuratas will meet in a violent duel. In 2015, Megabots Inc. -- a group of U.S. engineers that endeavor to build massive "fighting robots of science fiction, video games and movies" -- challenged the Japanese robot Kuratas, built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries. While both robots are massive hunks of metal, Megabots' Eagle Prime has a size advantage over Kuratas. The 16-foot tall Eagle Prime weighs 24,000 pounds, while Kuratas stands at 13 feet tall and weighs in at 13,000 pounds.

Industrial cleaning equipment maker Nilfisk goes public


Danish Nilfisk Holding A/S began being listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under symbol NLFSK after being spun off from NKT A/S, a Danish conglomerate. Nilfisk is one of the world's leading suppliers of professional cleaning equipment with a strong brand and a vision for growth in robotics. In that pursuit, Blue Ocean Robotics and Nilfisk recently announced a strategic partnership to develop a portfolio of intelligent cleaning machines and robots to add to the Nilfisk line of industrial cleaners. We already have good experiences with this, and we are looking forward to starting this partnership with Blue Ocean Robotics, which complements our other partnerships very well."

Cockroach Robot Grows Tail, Does Flips

IEEE Spectrum Robotics Channel

Little legged robots like this one have used actuated tails for all kinds of things, most notably mid-air stabilization and assisting in rapid direction changes while running. This particular robot is a 77.5-gram, 18-centimeter-long VelociRoACH that has been outfitted with a protective polycarbonate shell for impact protection along with a minimal actuated tail to flip it over if it falls onto its back. Since the tail can apply large forces relative to the legs with a long moment arm, impulsive tail motions could produce significant vertical jumps to clear obstacles or produce rapid turns. Oh, and one last thing: In case you were wondering how real cockroaches manage to flip themselves over, it's apparently more of an issue than you might think, according to The New York Times: In a domestic situation, a roach may find itself on a smooth floor of polished wood, tile or stone.