Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ to automate 30% of its duties, equivalent to 9,500 jobs

The Japan Times

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ will automate 30 percent of its duties, equivalent to 9,500 jobs, over the next seven years, using artificial intelligence and other technologies, Kanetsugu Mike, president and chief executive officer of the Japanese lender, said in a recent interview. To decrease workloads, the unit of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. has already introduced a computer software program utilizing robotic process automation technology, which can handle complex data-matching processes. "Through automation, the amount of time each banker can spend with customers will triple," Mike said. The number of customers visiting Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ's branch offices has dropped by 40 percent in the past decade.

Amazon adds voice recognition to Alexa

Daily Mail

The next generation speaker, which is powered by Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, will have a dedicated woofer and a tweeter for the first time, as well as Dolby sound. The next generation speaker, which is powered by Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, will have a dedicated woofer and a tweeter for the first time, as well as Dolby sound. Amazon Buttons are used for playing games (£19.99 / $20) Echo Connect connects to a user's home phone ($35 - currently US only, expected in the UK next year) Echo Plus with improved sound quality (£139.99 Echo Spot with round 2.5-inch display ($129 currently US only, expected in the UK next year) 'Three years ago we introduced the first Echo, powered by Alexa, with a goal to fundamentally simplify and improve the way customers interact with their homes,' said Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President, Amazon Alexa. Amazon Echo uses Microsoft's Bing search engine to provide additional information, while Google Home uses the company's own Google Search.

Bayesian Estimation of Signal Detection Models, Part 1


First, we'll compute for each trial whether the participant's response was a hit, false alarm, correct rejection, or a miss. For a single subject, d' can be calculated as the difference of the standardized hit and false alarm rates (Stanislaw and Todorov 1999): Its inverse, \(\Phi {-1}\), converts a proportion (such as a hit rate or false alarm rate) into a z score. We can use R's proportion to z-score function (\(\Phi {-1}\)), qnorm(), to calculate each participant's d' and c from the counts of hits, false alarms, misses and correct rejections: This data frame now has point estimates of every participant's d' and c. The implied EVSDT model for participant 53 is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: The equal variance Gaussian signal detection model for the first participant in the data, based on manual calculation of the parameter's point estimates.

Pornhub Will Use AI To Identify, Narrow Searches For Performers

International Business Times

"Over the course of the past month alone, while we tested the model in beta, it was able to scan through 50,000 videos that have had pornstars added or removed on the video tags," Pornhub VP Corey Price said in a press release. Pornhub plans to scan and tag over 5 million videos across its platform, eventually categorizing videos according to themes, traits and sex positions as well as performers. Pornhub will now use artificial intelligence to identify porn performers and preferences. Pornhub will use AI technology to scan and tag over 5 million videos across its platform.

North Korea Hacking War: Attack Planned To Target US Power Grid

International Business Times

North Korea had plans to direct a cyber attack against power grids in the United States and successfully launched an attack directed at South Korea's Ministry of Defense, NBC News reported. While the campaign may have failed, the attempts of North Korean hackers to target utility companies presents a growing risk for American companies that are responsible for keeping the lights on for millions of homes across the country. Many power grids operate on a network separate from the public internet, insulating the systems that control the grid from attackers. North Korean hackers were able to successfully infiltrate South Korea's defense ministry and stole a large collection of military documents that purport to detail wartime contingency plans developed by South Korea and the U.S. A total of 235 gigabytes of military documents were reported to be stolen from South Korea's Defense Integrated Data Centre in a breach that took place in September 2016, and 80 percent of those stolen files have yet to be identified.

You Look Like A Criminal! Predicting Crime With Algorithms Big Cloud Recruitment


Some authorities are using facial recognition, predictive analytics and machine learning to predict who will commit a crime. As highlighted in a report by Pro Publica, these methods are incredibly flawed in predicting who would go on to commit a crime, as black defendants were labelled likely to commit future crime than white people. Israeli startup Faception advertises themselves as a facial personality profiling company, who offer their users computer vision and machine learning technology to decipher facial images and predict that person's personality. With the potential to open up a can of worms of all sorts of ethical questions, Faception is reportedly already working with homeland security agencies to help identify terrorists.

Intelligent Automation in the Workplace: What it Is and Why it Matters Ayehu


Intelligent automation takes regular process automation to a whole new level. Instead of merely carrying out predefined steps and processed, automation powered by artificial intelligence is capable of evolving and improving on its own over time. The two working side by side ensure that the underlying organization continues to operate at peak performance, leveraging the latest technology and running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Ultimately, it can be said that we have reached a point in time when organizations and business leaders must focus their efforts on helping people achieve more with the help of advanced technology.

Researchers find that Google's AI has a higher IQ than Siri


According to HotHardware, engineers at Cornell decided to stack a number of competing AI assistants against each other to determine which boasted the highest IQ. Siri, in contrast, din't fare all that well, with researchers finding that Apple's AI checked in with an IQ of 23.9. Of course, if you're curious about real-world performance as opposed to an academic evaluation, you may want to check out this video from a few months back which saw Siri in iOS 11 go head to head with Google Assistant. At the very least, it's overwhelmingly clear that Siri today is light years more advanced than it was back in the day.

Building a Neural Net from Scratch in Go


With the definitions above taken care of, we can write an implementation of the backpropagation method for training, or optimizing, the weights and biases of our network. This data set includes sets of four iris flower measurements (what will become our x values) along with a corresponding indication of iris species (what will become our y values). To utilize this data set with our neural net, I have slightly transformed the data set, such that the species values are represented by three binary columns (1 if the row corresponds to that species, 0 otherwise). We can then parse the test data into matrices testInputs and testLabels (I'll spare you these details as they are the same as above), use our predict() method to make predictions for the flower species, and then compare the predictions to the actual species.

Deep Blue, DeepStack & Holly - AI in the past, present & future Trade-Ideas


While in 1996 Garry Kasparov won 4 to 2 against IBM s super-computer Deep Blue, in 1997 Deep Blue won against Garry Kasparov. In March 2017, for the very first time, Artificial Intelligence won Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold'em against 33 poker players from 17 different nations. You don't have to be a chess or a poker player to see that Artificial Intelligence means a giant advantage. The crucial advantage is the fact that Trade Ideas is continuously innovating year by year, month by month and even day by day--this is highlighted with the introduction of Holly, the Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence engine and a testament to their agile development model.