The Whys and Hows of Becoming a Robotics Engineer


The Kuka Official Robotics Education (KORE) certificate program offers professionals and students the opportunity not only to become certified in operating Kuka robots, but also to learn robotic engineering principles. FANUC CERT program brings robot certification to all levels of education, including high schools, colleges, and vocational schools. In April of this year, the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) published a white paper concluding that 80% of manufacturers report a labor shortage of skilled applications for production positions. FANUC Certified Education for Advanced Automation offers high schools, colleges, and universities training in automation techniques.

Industry 4.0 and Its Discontents: Four Important Challenges


When one considers the changing nature of security threats, from employees connecting personal devices to company networks to brute force attacks from hackers, the situation is further complicated, and thus the sophistication in risk identification and neutralisation has to change with it. Such an assessment should examine accessibility to systems, for example, possible threats from internal sources, from disgruntled employees to internal human error, and external sources including hackers. Once such an activity is conducted, designing an action plan for responding to cyber security threats, including backing up data, locking off operations so attackers cannot reach them and using strong shielding software, is necessary to provide additional protection. A key issue will be latency, that is the delay between two machines communicating, as machine to machine communication (M2M) requires instantaneous connection, latency, even a split second of delay, can cause untold damage to a process, slowing the entire system down and causing targets to be missed, resulting in loss of value.

Why artificial intelligence #AI is not really artificial – it is very tangible


A new topic is buzzing through academic conferences, dominating business strategy sessions, and making waves in the public discussion: artificial intelligence (AI). Let's first start with the basics: the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. How ML and AI are making cloud ERP increasingly more'intelligent' Digital has disrupted the world and changed the way businesses operate, creating a new level of complexity and speed. It delivers flexible automation using AI, ML, IoT, and predictive analytics to drive digital transformation of the business.