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AB Consultants is a company that outsources its employees as Consultants to top various IT firms. Their business had been increasing quite well over past, however in recent times there has been a slowdown in terms of growth because their best and most experienced employees have started leaving the Company. Inorder to prevent this proactively you first need to dive in to the Company's Employee Data and find out an answer as to know why the best and most experienced employees are leaving. Using Python, you derive at a forecast model to predict which employees could be leaving the company, as well as a probability as to why our best and most experienced employees are leaving prematurely.

Industry 4.0 and Its Discontents: Four Important Challenges


When one considers the changing nature of security threats, from employees connecting personal devices to company networks to brute force attacks from hackers, the situation is further complicated, and thus the sophistication in risk identification and neutralisation has to change with it. Such an assessment should examine accessibility to systems, for example, possible threats from internal sources, from disgruntled employees to internal human error, and external sources including hackers. Once such an activity is conducted, designing an action plan for responding to cyber security threats, including backing up data, locking off operations so attackers cannot reach them and using strong shielding software, is necessary to provide additional protection. A key issue will be latency, that is the delay between two machines communicating, as machine to machine communication (M2M) requires instantaneous connection, latency, even a split second of delay, can cause untold damage to a process, slowing the entire system down and causing targets to be missed, resulting in loss of value.

Advancements in automation: why AI won't replace the human touch - Data Matters


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have not followed Moore's prediction. It has evolved from somewhat a cumbersome platform to a productivity enabler, providing relationship intelligence and bringing in data from outside source sand it's something we've been proud to bring to the market in our own recent launch of Sugar Hint. Ultimately, it's about automating mundane tasks, allowing humans to focus on tasks that only humans at present can do. In the context of AI and chatbots managing customer interactions, there are some benefits in using computer power to handle high volume tasks – like in e-commerce.