5 Free Resources for Getting Started with Self-driving Vehicles


This KDnuggets post will get your feet wet in the world of autonomous vehicle algorithms, providing an introductory insight into what to expect if you travel down this road, pun intended. Recent years have witnessed amazing progress in AI related fields such as computer vision, machine learning and autonomous vehicles. The purpose of this project is to use Python to play Grand Theft Auto 5. Check out the accompanying code here: Explorations of Using Python to play Grand Theft Auto 5.

In Japan, "Artificial Intelligence" comes to be a super star while "Data Scientist" is fading away


Indeed growing trend of "Artificial Intelligence" in Japan is steeper than that in English, and "Data Scientist" is now getting to be forgotten by people, although in the global market data scientist is still a major role spreading data science including both statistics and machine learning across industries. Although I did not explicitly mention in the post, I guess that Japanese people may think that data scientist is a professional for statistical analysis although artificial intelligence engineer is one for machine learning or artificial intelligence as a misleading technology. A Google Trends above clearly shows that a growing trend of "人工知能" (AI in Japanese) is steeper than that of "artificial intelligence" in English. Now it's an era of "AI", dominated by machine learning engineers, not data scientists, as Japanese people think.

Afghan girls robotics team competes after visa obstacles

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Their team shirts didn't say "Afghanistan" and their name badges were handwritten, not typed, suggesting the last-minute nature of their entry into the United States. But the Afghan girls competing Monday in an international robotics competition in Washington were clearly excited to be representing their nation.

Essential Phone Release Date Delay: Company Loses Several Executives Ahead Of Launch

International Business Times

Essential, the consumer electronics startup from Google Android creator Andy Rubin, is undergoing some executive turnover. This seems to be even more confirmation that the Essential Phone release date is still murky. But after missing its initial June U.S. launch date, Essential is playing catchup to bring its Essential Phone smartphone to market. After leaving Google in 2014, Rubin launched additional projects like incubator Playground Global and explored ventures in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence.

FOMO And The Adoption Of AI In Finance


JP Morgan's recently released 280-page report Big Data and AI Strategies – Machine Learning and Alternative Data Approaches to Investing paints a picture of a future in which alpha is generated from data sources like social media, satellite imagery and machine-classified company filings and news releases. Alpha generation has always been about information advantage: having access either to uncommon insights gained through ingenuity, or common insights acted upon before everyone else. JP Morgan's Contract Intelligence System processes the paperwork for financial deals that previously took tens of thousands of human hours annually. Retiring old systems and moving to integration and data-centricity will require investment and some decent amount of vision, but it will result in future opportunities and cost savings: both from automation and from the ability of such systems to better take advantage of rapidly accelerating advancements in AI, which will require smart data collection, processing and management.

The Nine AI Minds You Don't Know, But Should Follow ASAP


If you're not following great AI minds, you're missing a lot of important discussions. There are critical questions surrounding AI, and Yampolskiy, founder and director of Cybersecurity Lab, is delving into the dark side of it. As opposed to narrow AI (where nonsentient programs are focused on narrow tasks), Dube's research has focused on deep AI. Chetan envisions a world where man and machine work closely together to build a radically more efficient planet.

LINKEDIN SURVEY: Wall Streeters are worried that robots are going to steal their jobs


It stands to reason that some folks are nervous, as Wall Street firms look to automate their infrastructure to cut jobs. The cyborg model refers to a financial advice platform that pairs algorithm based financial planning with human interaction Warner Bros. A big note on financial technology by Morgan Stanley penned by a team of analysts led by Giulia Aurora Miotti supports this notion that humans are safe in wealth-management. The so-called cyborg or hybrid model refers to a financial advice platform that pairs algorithm based financial planning with components of human interaction. Earlier this year, the firm responded to this desire for human help by rolling out new hybrid services that pair human help with its computerized financial advice.

Computer Scientists Demonstrate The Potential For Faking Video


An update from the Wild Wild West of fake news technologies: A team of computer scientists have figured out how to make words come out of the mouth of former President Barack Obama -- on video -- by using artificial intelligence. Soon we may see a wellspring of fake news videos. As a team out of the University of Washington explains in a new paper titled "Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio," they've made several fake videos of Obama. The researchers accomplished this feat not by cutting and pasting his body into different scenes -- but by having a computer system called a neural network study hours and hours of video footage, to see how Obama's mouth moves.

How IBM Watson AI Enhanced Wimbledon 2017 - Supply Chain 24/7


Helping Wimbledon in their pursuit of greatness For 28 years IBM has been the official supplier of Information Technology and consultant to the All England Club and The Championships, Wimbledon. How Wimbledon used IBM Watson AI to power highlights, analytics and enriched fan experiences IBM Watson analyzed what it really takes to make a great Wimbledon champion, based on new insights that are provoking social media discussion among fans. Other ways that IBM technology is powering Wimbledon 2017 This year's all new Watson-enabled bot, "Ask Fred," reinvented how guests experience Wimbledon. The mobile app enriched the fan experience by serving up information on dining options, feature a natural language interface and provides an interactive map of the venue.

Elon Musk just told a group of America's governors that we need to regulate AI before it's too late


But there is something that really scares Musk: Artificial Intelligence, and the idea of software and machines taking over their human creators. He's been warning people about AI for years, and today called it the "biggest risk we face as a civilization" when he spoke at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting in Rhode Island. Musk then called on the government to proactively regulate artificial intelligence before things advance too far. AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization."