Deep Learning's Killer App for Finance?


Yann LeCun, arguably the father of modern machine learning, has described Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) as the most interesting idea in deep learning in the last 10 years (and there have been a lot of interesting ideas in Machine Learning over the past 10 years). You train the discriminator on real data to classify, say, an image as either a real photo or a non-photographic image. Given that the central problem of using Deep Learning models in business applications is lack of training data, this is a really big deal. This technology could, and probably should, form a pillar of next generation (big data and machine learning) risk management.

Retail banks embracing AI and bots to catch up with fintech upstarts


"We're being pushed into a place where we have to innovate," said Dan Stern, director of digital innovation at Edmonton, Alberta-based ATB Financial. Startups that work with banks are finding that change is coming to big banks as well. ATB has several uses for AI, including bots and emotion recognition. Other examples of fintech at work include a bot serving as a personal banker or machine learning that can benefit small companies that don't have a financial accountant.

Building Solutions Using AI, Blockchain, and IoT [Video] - DZone IoT


As part of the IoT Slam 2017 conference, I presented on using the combined power of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to build intelligent connected products. For details on the talk, you can see my abstract here.

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On Monday, the company announced a new research program called the People AI Research initiative (PAIR for short) that's all about understanding how humans interact with machine learning. It's part of a philosophy the Google UX community is calling "human-centered machine learning," where machine learning algorithms solve problems while keeping human needs and behaviors in mind. Detailed on Medium by Josh Lovejoy and Jess Holbrook, two designers in the Research and Machine Intelligence group at Google, these are Google's rules for designing with machine learning while still keeping the user–and their humanity–at the center. In a world where designers don't always understand how their AI-powered services and products work, Google's solution is simple: get that data.

Ryan Gosling reveals more of 'Blade Runner 2049' on Twitter


Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to one of the most lauded science fiction films of all time, just leaked out a bit of new footage, and it's dystopian futurism at its best. SEE ALSO: 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' launches a thousand mixed reviews The new footage was posted by the film's star, Ryan Gosling, on Twitter on Sunday. It's super short (just 21 seconds long), but for anyone who has been anxiously waiting for any new sights from the future world of robot replicants made famous by Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford, even a short look is welcome. Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario), the film stars Gosling, Ford, Edward James Olmos (along with Ford, another carryover from the original), Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire, Black Mirror) and Jared Leto, and will hit theaters on October 6.

Australia to Make It Easier to Deploy Military for 'Terrorist Incidents'

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The government said in a statement that state and territory police forces remained the best first response, but the military could offer additional support to enhance their capabilities. Under the proposed law changes, state and territory governments would be able to call for military aid before the ability to respond to an incident exceeds the capabilities of their police forces. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO urged governors to regulate artificial intelligence before it's too late. Administration officials traveled to Providence to gain support from key players like Gov.



Let me use this space to discuss about some of the main topics of my PhD thesis: "Big Data, Cognitive Extension, Self-organizing Processes and Economic Development". My research was born as an effort to improve my comprehension of the emerging phenomenon "Big Data" and its potential impacts on the Economy, in particular Economic Development and fight against poverty. The first part explores how the phenomenon of Big Data may fit within Economic Theory. A new analytical framework is defined that will allow to link Big Data, human's cognitive extension, self-organizing processes and Economic Development.

Data Science Simplified: Key Concepts of Statistical Learning


I want to express data that I can't control (sales) as a function of data that I can control (advertising budget). Statistical learning reveals hidden data relationships. Similarly, in machine learning, once the model is tested on the test dataset, the performance of the model is evaluated. Let us examine the multiplication models created by Bob and Raj from a machine learning perspective.

Are AI and "deep learning" the future of, well, everything?


However, this is just the beginning: with companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook spending millions on research into advanced neural networks and deep machine learning, computers are set to get smarter still. "There's a good reason why Google remains at the forefront of the deep learning revolution: data, and lots of it." Although Apple has recently been on a hiring mission, seeking 80-plus AI experts to help make Siri smarter than Google Now or Microsoft's Cortana, it's still playing catch-up. Google is using the lessons it's learnt in image recognition to advance a whole gamut of technologies including speech recognition, Street View detection, language translation and spam detection.

AI can make Puppets out of our Public Figures and Movies out of our Dreams


With the use of what scientists call'deep learning' we are now able to manipulate and produce media content in a range of unthinkable new ways. Fictitious, videos can be produced without having to go near a camera and it is possiple to put words into people's mouths. Deep learning uses algorithms which analyse a vast amount of content about a specific subject in order to produce a new, original image, video or sound. However the prospect of everyone having the ability to manipulate video content, and potentially make real people appear to say and do things which they didn't comes with ethical implications.