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Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication technologies offer remote device access to most if not all household appliances. This is the core common aim of both M2M and IoT solutions. However, each communication technology differs in the way they achieve remote device access. Conventional M2M solutions rely on point-to-point communications with the help of embedded hardware modules along with either wired networks or cellular networks. On the other hand, IoT relies on IP-based networks to interface device data to a middleware platform or cloud.

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Training is the foundation of data-driven smarts. The conversational intelligence of virtual digital assistants--aka chatbots--depends on the extent to which their statistical algorithms have been trained with the most relevant, high-quality data for the task at hand. Without frequent retraining on fresh data, even the most expertly scripted chatbot will behave like a clueless dummy. Fortunately for chatbot developers, training resources are amply available for building and tuning the smarts of your AI-driven digital assistants 24 7. If you're building these bots into your mobile, social, e-commerce, Internet of Things, and other apps, here are the training options you should explore: Of course, composing chatbots is as much of a conversational art--akin to screenwriting or ventriloquism--as it is a data science.

Top 10 Most Promising Toronto AI Startups


Great White North is on the top of that list. Because of its powerful academic research labs, Toronto has supplied a lot of talent in the field but has been experiencing a brain drain. As an effort to retain talent and make Toronto a global supplier of AI capability, the University of Toronto gathered a team of globally renowned researchers and founded the Vector Institute. The independent, non-profit AI research institution has created a lot of buzz and attracted a great deal of funding to its ongoing projects. With a combination of research and commercial goals, according to The Toronto Star, It will be backed by more than $150 million in public and corporate funding.

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The progression of natural language processing, deep learning algorithms and significantly improved microphones means we are beginning to see interfaces that can understand and accommodate the rigid structure of human conversation. Companies are developing personalities for their virtual assistants, which have mostly arrived as a set of female characters – embodied in phones, home assistants and navigation systems – personifying AI via voice. However, it's important to note that applying this gendered identity has ramifications, especially because the resulting impulse is to then add a "her" to every product we can. Instead, we should pay attention to the unexamined decisions we're making to avoid digitizing existing power structures under the guise of a "default" identity.

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Giant tech companies, like Google, Apple, and Amazon, believe that the next economic wave will be driven by artificial intelligence. Because of this, they have spent billions of dollars into research and development for the advancement of AI, a move that will place artificial intelligence in control of almost every sector of the society. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and Facebook along with China's Baidu and Alibaba have spent a total of $58.2 billion in research and development. That price is more than what any of some developed countries are spending on the same activity. For example the UK only spent $53.5 billion on research and development while Russia spent $47.6 billion.

John Oliver on the coal industry: 'Trump needs to stop lying to miners'

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John Oliver addressed the topic of coal mining on his show Sunday night, exploring the industry's loss of jobs and the factors that have led to it. "Coal," he began, "basically cocaine for Thomas the Tank Engine. We've heard a lot about coal this past year, particularly from President Trump. In fact, arguably the key reason that we have this cautionary Bible story in the White House was his ability to connect with mining communities during the campaign." Oliver showed clips of Trump galvanizing voters at campaign rallies by promising to bring back coal industry jobs, putting on a hard hat, and doing a mining gesture on stage.

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Everyone is buzzing about the impact of AI on work, and many leaders feel insecure about what it will mean in terms of their own career development and roles. Deep learning, machine learning, automation and robotics are creating a seismic shift across organizations. "We're now living in an age where [deep learning is] going to be mandatory for people building sophisticated software applications," according to Frank Chen, a partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, who was quoted in a recent Fortune article. Soon, he notes, people will demand, "'Where's your natural-language processing version?' 'How do I talk to your app? Because I don't want to have to click through menus.'"

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Advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning have changed our lives. We are already using it even without realizing it: AI helps to power Google's search engine, Tesla's self-driving cars, Apple's voice assistant, and Amazon's shopping recommendations. The impact of artificial intelligence in retail and ecommerce is also growing. While ecommerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay have used these capabilities behind the scenes for years, ecommerce entrepreneurs can now also do the same. Algorithmic technology and AI can be incredibly helpful tools to grow sales and optimize various aspects of ecommerce operation, from pricing to demand planning.

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Loomis appealed the sentence, arguing that neither he nor the judge could examine the formula for the risk assessment as it was a trade secret. The state of Wisconsin countered that Northpointe required it to keep the algorithms confidential in order to protect the firm's intellectual property. Wisconsin's attorney general, Brad D. Schimel, even used the same argument that Loomis did, that judges do not have access to the algorithm either, although he seems to have spun it as a positive somehow. This is a bit like saying a game of chess is fairer if neither player knows the rules. Which is true, in a way, but it's unlikely to produce a game of chess, just two people throwing pieces round a board, which will result in no winners in the traditional sense.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Talks About Microsoft's Mixed-Reality Future


Take the short view and Microsoft's annual E3 showcase was a classic power play. The company unveiled its long-anticipated Xbox One X, a kind of console supercomputer capable of rendering native 4K visuals at higher, stabler frame rates than Sony's own boutique PS4 Pro. But consider the longer view, as Xbox honcho Phil Spencer must, and what it means to play games becomes a much stranger jumble of iterative concepts, a spiraling helix of creative and commerce driven forces rapidly converging on the dissolution of the borderlands between what we define as real and imagined. TIME spoke with Spencer about the company's current and future plans, including backward compatibility (the company announced Xbox original games coming soon to all Xbox One devices), the criticality of Xbox Live (its online games service) and finally the timescale for general consumer adoption of mixed reality products. Here's what he told us.