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AML is a deliberately simplified platform intended for developers of any skill level to walk them through the creation of machine learning predictive models. The Azure Machine Learning Studio is Microsoft's Cloud-based platform that allows businesses and organizations to benefit from machine learning solutions that are easy to implement. With AMLS's collaborative, drag-and-drop machine learning tools, businesses can easily create, test, deploy and share predictive models. Built by Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR), Caffe is an open source deep learning framework already used for academic research projects, startup prototypes, and large-scale industrial applications.

How Artificial Intelligence will impact professional writing


An AI algorithm developed by researchers at Salesforce generates snippets of text that describe the essence of long text. These tools can help writers skim through a lot of articles and find relevant topics to write about. "Since new semantic technologies are now mature enough to read human language, journalists and professional writers can finally go back to writing for people," Cuofano says. "The next revolution (which is already coming) is the leap from NLP to a subset of it called NLU (Natural Language Understanding)," Cuofano says.

Artificial Intelligence can Boost Performance of Human Groups


In a series of experiments using teams of human players and robotic AI players, the inclusion of "bots" boosted the performance of human groups and the individual players, researchers found. We believe the conversation should be about AI as a complement to human beings," said Nicholas Christakis, co-director of the Yale Institute for Network Science (YINS) and senior author of the study. In this case, Christakis and first author Hirokazu Shirado conducted an experiment involving an online game that required groups of people to coordinate their actions for a collective goal. People whose performance improved when working with the bots subsequently influenced other human players to raise their game.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence deliver most value whenever you need to make lots of similar decisions quickly. So, the biggest value of artificial intelligence and machine learning is not to support us with those big strategic decisions. Machine learning delivers most value when we operationalize models and automate millions of decisions. The orange boxes are situations where AI and ML show real value.

MS Build 2017 Sessions on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Built-in machine learning in Microsoft SQL Server 2017 with Python Machine learning services in SQL Server 2017 provides Python support for in-database machine learning, now. Using Microsoft Cognitive Services to bring the power of speech recognition to your apps Learn about Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech APIs - Bing Speech, Customer Speech Service and Speaker Recognition - and how they recognize audio, speech and individual speakers to bring the power of speech to your apps. How Microsoft Cognitive Services can help your apps communicate with people Microsoft Cognitive Services Language APIs - Bing Spell Check, Language Understanding, Linguistic Analysis, Text Analytics, Translator and Web LM - can enable your apps to understand language and communicate with people. Machine Learning for developers, how to build even more intelligent apps and services In this session we explain some of the different machine learning offerings such as Azure Machine Learning, SQL Server R Services, Data Science Virtual Machine, Cognitive Services and Cognitive Toolkit, and Azure Data Lake Analytics from Microsoft through a few comprehensive end-to-end examples that encompass as applicable: problem detection, algorithm selection, machine learning model creation and deployment and consumption of the machine learning model.

Artificial Intelligence – are you keeping up? JD Supra


On Thursday 4 May 2017, Hogan Lovells' Tech Hub hosted Azeem Azhar, renowned strategist, product entrepreneur and writer, who spoke about the current status and implications of Artificial Intelligence ("AI"). Looking at these trends, Azeem identifies a positive feedback loop (the "AI lock-in loop") whereby use of AI generates more data, which improves AI products, which increases profits, which supports further investment in product development – a cycle which further embeds the role of AI in the delivery of products and services across the economy. The scale of the commercial implications off these developments is evident in value shifts among large listed corporates, with tech companies having largely usurped major industrial and consumer goods companies by size of market cap. For our part, Hogan Lovells is exploring the ways in which AI can be used to deliver faster, more accurate and more cost-effective results for our clients, particularly in the areas of due diligence and document review.

A Primer in Adversarial Machine Learning – The Next Advance in AI


Even more concerning, researchers have shown that completely random nonsense images can be misclassified by CNNs with very high confidence as objects recognizable to humans, even though a human would clearly recognize that there was no image there at all (e.g. If those system observations are intentionally tainted with noise designed to defeat the CNN recognition, the system will be trained to make incorrect conclusions about whether a malevolent intrusion is occurring. Adversarial Machine Learning is an emerging area in deep neural net (DNN) research. The current state of AI has advanced to general image, text, and speech recognition, and tasks like steering the car or winning a game of chess.

Uber-Waymo Lawsuit: Uber Threatens To Fire Engineer At Center Of Waymo Case, Report Says

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See A. Levandowski Employment Agreement, Aug. 17, 2016 ΒΆ 5(a) ("August 17, 2016 Employment Agreement"). However, Waymo accused Uber of working with Levandowski to steal confidential documents relating to Waymo's self-driving car efforts and brought a case against the company earlier this year. While Uber earlier conceded that Levandowski took Waymo documents, the company has steadfastly denied that any information from the documents was used in its self-driving car development. For many tech companies, self-driving car technology has been a major point of emphasis.

Scientists Use Stem Cells To Create Functional Artificial Blood

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In one new study, researchers created a mix of different types of blood stem cells that produced different kinds of human blood cells when transfused into mice, The Independent reported. This is an important step toward making artificial human blood, as doctors believe that figuring out a way to turn stem cells into blood artificially will eventually lead to this breakthrough. For example, in a study published in March, scientists in England were able to produce about 50,000 red blood cells by coaxing stem cells into transforming into red blood cells. Another problem that stands in our way of successfully making limitless artificial blood is the risk of these new blood cells becoming cancerous, The Independent reported.

An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong


Research scientist and neural network goofball Janelle Shane took the wondering a step further. After churning through several more iterations of this process, Shane was able to get the algorithm to recognize some basic colors like red and gray, "though not reliably," because she also gets a sky blue called "Gray Pubic" and a dark green called "Stoomy Brown." Thanks to Shane's work, we are one step closer to knowing what that will be like. In case you need more: Janelle Shane has unleashed her neural networks on everything from metal band names to Doctor Who episode titles.