Mercedes-Benz adds both Alexa and Google Assistant connectivity


Mercedes-Benz is giving drivers an even smarter luxury experience and adding some AI assistant power to its newest vehicles.

The Alphabet of Data Science


Artificial Intelligence:: AI is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. BMW, Tesla, Google are using AI for self-driving cars. AI should be used to solve real world tough problems like climate modeling to disease analysis and betterment of humanity. Boosting and Bagging: it is the technique used to generate more accurate models by ensembling multiple models together Crisp-DM: is the cross industry standard process for data mining. It was developed by a consortium of companies like SPSS, Teradata, Daimler and NCR Corporation in 1997 to bring the order in developing analytics models. Major 6 steps involved are business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation and deployment. Data preparation: In analytics deployments more than 60% time is spent on data preparation. As a normal rule is garbage in garbage out. Hence it is important to cleanse and normalize the data and make it available for consumption by model. Ensembling: is the technique of combining two or more algorithms to get more robust predictions. It is like combining all the marks we obtain in exams to arrive at final overall score. Random Forest is one such example combining multiple decision trees. Feature selection: Simply put this means selecting only those feature or variables from the data which really makes sense and remove non relevant variables.

Australia's shark-detecting drones to protect swimmers

Daily Mail

A drone that can spot sharks and warn people has been developed by Australian researchers.

Planet enlists machine learning experts to parse a treasure trove of Amazon basin data


Planet, the satellite imaging company that operate the largest commercial Earth imaging constellation in existence, is hosting a new data science competition on the Kaggle platform, with the specific aim of developing machine learning techniques around forestry research. Planet will open up access to thousands of image'chips,' or blocks covering around 1 sauce kilometre, and will give away a total of $60,000 to participants who place in the top three when coming up with new methods for analyzing the data available in these images.

Taking voice interaction to the next level - Information Age


Google's answer to the Amazon Echo, Google Home, is set to launch in the UK this summer. This follows a hugely successful launch of the Echo in the UK and Germany last year, which has pushed worldwide sales beyond the nine million mark.

Amazon's Alexa Could Soon Be In Every Marketing Meeting You Have


For anyone who's ever seen an early episode of Star Trek, recall Captain Kirk speaking to the "computer," even using that keyword to summon the computing power of the Starship Enterprise to answer a complex question requiring an expeditious answer. Ever since Gene Roddenberry introduced his sci-fi interpretation of the future, we've been chasing that dream, for as early as 1952, Bell Labs scientists introduced "Audrey," a system that recognized spoken numeric digits.

Amazon Offers AI Technology Powering Alexa to AWS Users


Amazon.com, Inc. 's AMZN Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made Amazon Lex, the machine learning technology behind Alexa, available to all customers.

Half of hospitals to adopt artificial intelligence within 5 years


About 35 percent of healthcare organizations plan to leverage artificial intelligence within two years -- and more than half intend to do so within five.

How Mathematicians in Chicago Are Stopping Water Leaks in Syracuse


SYRACUSE, N.Y.--It was a nightmare scenario: As thousands of Syracuse University basketball fans poured into town on February 1, 2014 for a big match against arch rival Duke, a water main break flooded Armory Square, surrounding the city's iconic 24-second shot clock monument. Days before the game, there were 11 other water main breaks around the city.