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Right now, there is a whole body of researchers debating the extent to which artificial general intelligence could mimic the human brain. Digital life continues to augment human capacities and disrupt eons-old human activities. Are we witnessing the new world order already? There are examples of AI everywhere we look. However, Artificial General Intelligence is still in its primary stages.

Former HuffPost journalist aims to make an 'NBA 2K' for American politics

Washington Post - Technology News

Nelson left HuffPost at the end of 2018 to work full time on the concept for the game. While at HuffPost, Nelson wrote a newsletter with a humorist spin on the day's political headlines. But Nelson says the news cycle can often feel like a "SportsCenter" highlight reel, continually cycling through provocative tweets and sound bites from politicians. And, because of that, Nelson said the average reader may think American politics are nothing more than a "Twitter-fueled boxing match, where occasionally there's a Supreme Court nominee or a major bill."

Terrifyingly, Facebook wants its AI to be your eyes and ears


Facebook has announced a research project that aims to push the "frontier of first-person perception", and in the process help you remember where you left your keys. The Ego4D project provides a huge collection of first-person video and related data, plus a set of challenges for researchers to teach computers to understand the data and gather useful information from it. In September, the social media giant launched a line of "smart glasses" called Ray-Ban Stories, which carry a digital camera and other features. Much like the Google Glass project, which met mixed reviews in 2013, this one has prompted complaints of privacy invasion. Tickets to TNW Conference 2022 are available now!

Why Amazon built a home robot – TechCrunch


Robots are hard, and in a lot of ways home robots are doubly so. That no one has managed to crack the code beyond the wild success of robotic vacuums like the Roomba is not for lack of trying. To date, it's largely been the realm of startups like Anki and Jibo (or the rare exception of the Bosch-created Kuri), but today, Amazon announced that it's throwing its own tremendous resources behind the problem. The company just announced its first robot, Astro. The product is taking its first baby steps to market as part of Amazon's Day One Edition program.

How can I use artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the landscape of 21st century marketing. Long gone are the days of throwing spaghetti on the wall and shooting in the dark to acquire new customers and to regain their business. With the amount of data growing exponentially on a daily basis, AI can help businesses scale their marketing efforts and leverage the data for actionable insights leading to greater ROI. Look up the term "marketing" and you'll find something that mentions actions or activities involving a business or company, promoting or selling products or services. Is that something that you or your company does?

Nixon's grim moon-disaster speech is a now a warning about the deepfake future


The entertainment industry has yet to regulate the use of deepfakes and voice cloning. On September 29, the Emmy for interactive documentary went to'In Event of Moon Disaster', a film that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a fake video featuring former US President Richard Nixon. The film shows him delivering a speech that was prepared in case the Apollo 11 mission failed, leaving astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to die on the moon. The multimedia project was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Advanced Virtuality, with a bit of help from a Ukrainian voice-cloning startup, Respeecher, which worked on Nixon's voice. The increasing scale of AI is raising the stakes for major ethical questions.

What is Artificial Intelligence? - DeltalogiX


Giving a definition of Artificial Intelligence is not easy especially for its many areas of application. So, what is Artificial Intelligence from a computer science point of view? It is the discipline that studies all the theories and techniques useful for the elaboration of an algorithm that, using cognitive methods, is able to process a large amount of data. Software that uses AI provides a probabilistic output that is different from the deterministic output generated by traditional software. Now let's look specifically at how it differs from human reasoning and what we mean by neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning.

Deep Sentinel mixes manpower with artificial intelligence


The development of Deep Learning computer algorithms in conjunction with the proliferation of high-resolution cameras have helped revolutionize …

The AI oracle of Delphi uses the problems of Reddit to offer dubious moral advice


Got a moral quandary you don't know how to solve? Why not turn to the wisdom of artificial intelligence, aka Ask Delphi: an intriguing research project from the Allen Institute for AI that offers answers to ethical dilemmas while demonstrating in wonderfully clear terms why we shouldn't trust software with questions of morality. Ask Delphi was launched on October 14th, along with a research paper describing how it was made. From a user's point of view, though, the system is beguilingly simple to use. Just head to the website, outline pretty much any situation you can think of, and Delphi will come up with a moral judgement. Since Ask Delphi launched, its nuggets of wisdom have gone viral in news stories and on social media.