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From manual human effort the world is slowly paving its way to a new space where most process are getting replaced with tools and systems to improve efficiency and bring down operational costs. Automation is the next big thing and low code platforms are fueling it in a significant way. The Automation era is here. We are in the fast pace of replacing manual human efforts with machines and processes. In the world of Information Technology too, we are linking disparate systems, software and tools to make things self-sustaining.

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IT professionals today have more demands (and more acronyms) on their time than ever. Application development and delivery are changing rapidly and increasing in complexity, revealing the limitations of traditional DNS approaches in achieving modern network goals. The IT department has made use of open source platforms for decades to provide DNS and traffic management in their internal networks and for their public, internet-facing services. The majority of DNS servers, both on the internet and in enterprise intranets, are open source-based solutions such as BIND, djbdns, PowerDNS, gdnsd and NSD. It can feel like shoving a square peg into a round hole to try to adapt these solutions to perform the functions needed in today's environments.

Microsoft (MSFT) Satya Nadella on Q3 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript


Unless otherwise specified, we will refer to non-GAAP metrics on the call. The non-GAAP measures exclude the net impact from revenue deferrals and the impact of integration and restructuring charges. The non-GAAP financial measures provided should not be considered as a substitute for or superior to the measures of financial performance prepared in accordance with GAAP. They are included as additional clarifying items to aid investors in further understanding the company's third-quarter performance in addition to the impact that these items and events had on the financial results. All growth comparisons we make on the call relate to the corresponding period of last year unless otherwise noted.