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Hitting the Books: Why lawyers will be essential to tomorrow's orbital economy


The skies overhead could soon be filled with constellations of commercial space stations occupying low earth orbit while human colonists settle the Moon with an eye on Mars, if today's robber barons have their way. But this won't result in the same freewheeling Wild West that we saw in the 19th century, unfortunately, as tomorrow's interplanetary settlers will be bringing their lawyers with them. In their new book, The End of Astronauts: Why Robots Are the Future of Exploration, renowned astrophysicist and science editor, Donald Goldsmith, and Martin Rees, the UK's Astronomer Royal, argue in favor of sending robotic scouts -- with their lack of weighty necessities like life support systems -- out into the void ahead of human explorers. But what happens after these synthetic astronauts discover an exploitable resource or some rich dork declares himself Emperor of Mars? In the excerpt below, Goldsmith and Rees discuss the challenges facing our emerging exoplanetary legal system.

The Safest New Cars of 2022 - Kelley Blue Book


Why publish a list of our picks for the best new cars that are the safest? Don't confuse "safe" with "safer." Manufacturers make vehicles that are safer than those from 10 years ago, for sure. However, some are safer than others. Both organizations put new car models through a battery of crash and safety tests, scoring each for the degree of protection they provide for occupants. If you choose a car on this list, you can be assured you will likely survive a crash, but in many cases avoid it altogether. We pulled together a collection of the best 2022 models made the safest for you to drive and what earns them that distinction. In a nutshell, these car models go above and beyond government-mandated safety features and manufacturer norms. Read on to learn more. What we looked for were cars with perfect scores in both IIHS and NHTSA testing. With those in hand, we narrowed the field among the trim levels within each model based on standard and available active safety features such as forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking. Several safety features we've grown accustomed to are actually government-mandated. In other words, the federal government made them standard by law. These include antilock brakes, stability control, traction control, rearview cameras, tire pressure monitors, and so forth.

Express Construction for GANs from Latent Representation to Data Distribution


Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are powerful generative models for numerous tasks and datasets. However, most of the existing models suffer from mode collapse. The most recent research indicates that the reason for it is that the optimal transportation map from random noise to the data distribution is discontinuous, but deep neural networks (DNNs) can only approximate continuous ones. Instead, the latent representation is a better raw material used to construct a transportation map point to the data distribution than random noise. Because it is a low-dimensional mapping related to the data distribution, the construction procedure seems more like expansion rather than starting all over. Besides, we can also search for more transportation maps in this way with smoother transformation. Thus, we have proposed a new training methodology for GANs in this paper to search for more transportation maps and speed the training up, named Express Construction. The key idea is to train GANs with two independent phases for successively yielding latent representation and data distribution. To this end, an Auto-Encoder is trained to map the real data into the latent space, and two couples of generators and discriminators are used to produce them. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to decompose the training procedure of GAN models into two more uncomplicated phases, thus tackling the mode collapse problem without much more computational cost. We also provide theoretical steps toward understanding the training dynamics of this procedure and prove assumptions. No extra hyper-parameters have been used in the proposed method, which indicates that Express Construction can be used to train any GAN models. Extensive experiments are conducted to verify the performance of realistic image generation and the resistance to mode collapse. The results show that the proposed method is lightweight, effective, and less prone to mode collapse.

Swaayatt Robots: Pioneering Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving


The startup focuses on developing self-driving technology for unstructured environment conditions and India's road network is full of such environments. In the thick of it is founder and CEO Sanjeev Sharma, whose interest in the field of robotics was born way back in 2009, when he watched the videos of Team MIT at the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. With time, he knew that he wanted to hone in on research to enable autonomous driving in the most difficult traffic environmental scenarios, but it wasn't until 2014, when Sharma deferred his PhD at the University of Massachusetts for a year, that he established Swaayatt Robots. Fast forward eight years and, despite knowing much more about autonomous mobility than in 2014, safety continues to be a huge challenge. Even before we think of the purchasing and operational cost, we're quite some time away from solving for driver safety in an uncontrolled and unstructured environment -- but Swaayatt Robots is trying to fix that.

How AI Powered Apps Change The Future Of Art


Paradigms about art are changing before our eyes. All artists know an idea that will fundamentally change their previous creativity. Game Changers PARTI, Imagen, CV2, and FREE alternatives are remarkable examples of this trend. AI artists have transcended the traditional limits of artistic expression, setting boundaries in the discipline of art.

Will AI-generated inventions be patented in the UK? - Digital Journal


With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence technology, how are AI-generated inventions recognised when it comes to patents? Innovation funding and Patent Box experts ABGI UK have recently looked into where inventions created by artificial intelligence (AI) systems currently stand in regard to intellectual property, and how potential changes will affect U.K. businesses. The output has been shared with Digital Journal. One important point that arises from AI, is that as artificial intelligence becomes increasingly advanced, how is AI-generated innovation considered when it comes to intellectual property? The issue is perhaps more pertinent than ever following the case earlier this year of Thaler v Comptroller General of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs.

Intuit: Credit Karma And Mailchimp Integration A Game Changer (NASDAQ:INTU)


Many of us are familiar with Intuit's (NASDAQ:INTU) industry-leading products in personal taxes (Turbo Tax) and small business accounting (QuickBooks). However, the company has expanded well beyond these two areas and assembled a portfolio of products that have improved and will continue to improve the financial lives of its customers. On Intuit's website, CEO Sasan Goodarzi described their mission statement as follows: We are a purpose-driven, values-driven company. Our mission to power prosperity around the world is why we show up to work every single day to do incredible things for our customers. Our values guide us and define what we stand for as a company.



Amazon Alexa AIのNatural Language Understandingグループは "Multilingual Amazon SLURP (SLU resource package) for Slot Filling, Intent Classification, and Virtual-Assistant Evaluation"(MASSIVE)をリリースした。自然言語理解(

Ukraine Uses 'Controversial' Artificial Intelligence Tech In Its War Against Russia As Kiev Looks To Win The 'Digital War'


The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has demonstrated how technology may play a significant role in modern warfare. While Ukraine’s military force isn’t as strong as Russia’s, it does employ cutting-edge technology to its advantage.  It has been observed that Kyiv is aggressively utilizing social media to weaken Putin’s forces’ morale. However, it does not […]

Artificial intelligence is being adopted by businesses in SA to boost productivity - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.


South Africa and the rest of the world are currently experiencing a shift in how the world operates as technology makes certain tasks quicker, simpler and convenient for consumers. Most business leaders today are looking into adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost their company's future productivity, increase communication with customers, and enhance their customer's experience. Infobip's Regional Sales Engineering Manager for Africa, Orediretse Moleboloa claims that South African businesses are adopting artificial intelligence. "Especially companies that have no legacy of older technology. The digital native organisations or businesses, companies don't have an issue with older digital architecture. They just look at the latest and greatest on what's available. And chatbots and automated contact center solutions are the in thing at the moment", says Moleboloa.