Toronto, Canada, November 24, 2022 – Datametrex AI Limited (the "Company" or "Datametrex'') (TSXV: DM) (FSE: D4G) (OTCQB: DTMXF) is pleased to welcome Mr. Dominique Lemay, as the President of the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Datametrex Electric Vehicle Solutions ("DM EVS"). Dominique brings a wealth of experience and knowledge fostered from 25 years in executive roles in the transportation and people mobility industry. Dominique holds an extensive background in growing operations for some of the most notable transportation companies in Canada, such as acting as Chief Operating Officer for VIA Rail Canada, the national passenger rail Crown Corporation, Chief Operating Officer for EXO, Montreal's suburban transit operator, and for the STM's Metro, Montreal's city transit operator. He also led the growth of Transdev Canada, a private mobility provider, as CEO. Dominique's wealth of experience in the transportation, operations and service industry as an executive in public and private organizations brings an abundance of knowledge to drive DM EVS' operations to new heights. "The Company has exciting plans for DM EVS.

Velcro, bullet trains and robotic arms: how nature is the mother of invention

The Guardian

Over millions of years of evolution, nature has worked out solutions to many problems. Humans have arrived late in the day and pinched them. For example, Velcro was invented after a Swiss engineer marvelled at the burdock burrs that got stuck to his dog's fur; the idea for robotic arms came from the motion and gripping ability of elephant trunks, and the front of Japan's bullet trains were redesigned to mimic a kingfisher's streamlined beak, reducing the sonic boom they made exiting tunnels. There are different types of mimicry, the most straightforward is the simple idea of copying something that exists in nature. Buildings are an obvious example, as outlined by research published in Nature.

The Rise Of AI In The Railway Industry - AI Summary


Network Rail has emphasised its hi-tech approach to running the railway more efficiently across Great Britain. The infrastructure management company has adopted artificial intelligence (AI) to help it plan track maintenance more effectively and to keep trains running on time. The use of AI has already helped to reduce the number of track faults by 30%, and it is hoped that it will also lead to fewer delays and cancellations. Stay updated on last news about Artificial Intelligence. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription.

Ruby on Rails Developer (Remote)


We are FORM – a product company that develops a platform to conduct inspections and surveys for our customers1-on-1 mentorship, training and advice to help users land their next job. Pay only if you succeed in getting hired and start work at a high-paying job first. Ready to find your dream job? And we want you to join our Web Team as a RoR developer! We are ambitious, we are striving for success, we create amazing things!

X-PITCH 2022 Winners Announced in the Metaverse


KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the Grand Finale of X-PITCH 2022 held on November 10, fifteen finalists selected from more than 4,000 startups in 51 countries showcased their business in front of hundreds of guests in the Metaverse powered by Venu. 10 startups emerged as award winners and the top 3 startups will receive US$1 million investment in total. "As the X Games for Startups, we try something new and exciting every year. In past competitions, we've done it in high-speed elevators and self-driving cars. This year, the local semi-finals were played on the Kaohsiung Light Rail. In today's finals, we came to the Metaverse. This is an unprecedented experience for all of us."

Dubai Tram drivers monitored by artificial intelligence in safety drive


Dubai's transport authority is trialling the use of artificial intelligence to monitor tram drivers. The Roads and Transport Authority on Sunday said the data collected could be used to cut accidents, prevent unsafe driving, show incident hot spots and enhance passenger safety. The system includes a smart device and an armband that tracks drivers' heart rates, speech patterns and reaction times to assess driving style, unsafe patterns and gestures based on profiles. The system includes a smart device and an armband that tracks driver heart rate, speech patterns and reaction times. The RTA said the data collected is then "processed from both incidents and routine operations to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individuals". "Transportation networks and their assets are widely known as critical infrastructure that require attention to detail and special protection," said Hassan Al Mutawa, director of rail operations at the RTA.

High-Speed Train Your AI Art Generator


See below how I trained the model using dozens of photos of sculptures. The trained private model allows to generation locally without restrictions.

Underground structure built with robots cuts time and costs


The latest demonstrator from startup hyperTunnel was built at the firm's R&D facility in the North Hampshire Downs. The approach is claimed to be friendlier to the environment and will use sustainable materials such as low-carbon concrete. It could also drastically improve safety in the tunnelling sector because no humans need to enter the structure during construction. A fleet of'hyperBot' robots enters the ground via an arch of high-density plastic pipes and, once inside, can 3D print the tunnel shell by deploying construction material directly into the ground. The 6m-long, 2m-high and 2m-wide Peak XV'pedestrian-scale' tunnel has been delivered as part of a project for Network Rail.

Meet the Army of Robots Coming to Fill In for Scarce Workers

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology

One unresolved issue in negotiations between terminal operators and the trade unions representing longshore workers on the West Coast is which terminals will be automated, and what will happen to the truck drivers and other port workers who will lose their current jobs as a result. Similarly, labor shortages and management's response to them in America's railroad industry were at the heart of recent negotiations between unions and employers. Rail companies have proposed eliminating train conductors entirely, and fully automating their trains. History shows that, while automation typically takes over some of the tasks performed by humans, over time companies shift workers into different types of jobs, especially in tight labor markets. But, as was the case with the 19th century weavers known as Luddites, more automation can lead to smaller workforces in the short term, as well as worse conditions for workers.

IoT: The fast track to digitalization?


One of the most widely used buzzwords in the logistics sector in 2022 is "digitalization." The word is a useful umbrella term for the evolution to computer-based processes from manual procedures that relied on pencils and clipboards in the warehouse or printed manifests at the loading dock. But references to the trend nearly always ignore the tactical steps needed to make digitalization happen. Your DC probably doesn't have a magic wand that transforms basic paper checklists into cloud-based software platforms. So how are practitioners driving toward the goal of pulling logistics processes into the 21st century?