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How Banks Can Shed Light on the 'Black Box' of AI Decision-Making


The use of artificial intelligence technology in banking has great potential, much of it still untapped. It's use in powering chatbots and digital assistants using natural language processing is of the best-known AI applications. AI can also be used as part of data analytics, helping banks and credit unions detect fraud more quickly on the one hand and create more personalized customer messaging and offers on the other. Significantly, AI can help make institutions -- bank and nonbank -- make faster lending decisions. However, there is downside to the use of artificial intelligence, the consequences of which loom ominously for banks and credit unions.

SpaceX's Starship Super Heavy rocket, which is the world's tallest, is ready for launch pad tests

Daily Mail - Science & tech

SpaceX Starship's Super Heavy Rocket is ready for what could be its final launch pad test before a likely orbital test flight in July. The massive Super Heavy Booster 7, which has 33 Raptor engines, was transported to its orbital launch pad on June 23. An enormous robotic arm mounted the rocket to the launch pad. A huge amount of work was required for the company to reach this point due to the large number of Raptor rocket engines in the Super Heavy. Elon Musk has said that SpaceX's Starship Super Heavy Booster 7 will most likely be ready for an orbital test flight in July One difference between SpaceX's rockets and all the ones that came before it - theirs are reusable, which is a huge cost savings. As Ars Technica notes, Aerojet Rocketdyne, which also makes propulsion rockets, has a goal of building just four RS-25 rocket engines for NASA this year.

Leaders in Tech on Redesigning Workflow with AI


What is it's the most common use word. At least you know you will find companies talking about that. What is automation for a product company like yours Jennifer Shore. It's it's great to see life people in three days. So if I could take a step back and say what is it terrorists do. So we are literally solving one of the world's hardest problems right now which is focusing on transparency in the global supply chain. And so what's happened that we've all just lived through in the last two and a half years is that every company in the world got very swiftly educated how connected they were to each other. And they also realized very very quickly that the way they had been looking at risk in their supply chain was manual right. It was with you know you think about when you onboard a new supplier or vendor you Google. You look it up and say oh is that good or bad. Well whether it's a ship going sideways in a canal whether it's the unfortunate situation with the Ukraine Russia and the 3000 global sanctions against Russia and no one knows if they're doing business with Russia or not. So when you think about this digital transformation there has been a swift uptick in our industry because CEOs and boards are realizing that understanding risk and the transparency in their supply chain is tied to their bottom line.

Hey, Air Taxi! Why You Will Soon Hail a Cab to the Sky


The air taxi, much like self-driving cars and delivery drones, is one of those futuristic dreams that seem forever three years away. But recent progress made by leading industry players suggests the concept is finally, slowly, maturing to commercialization. The idea of an urban air taxi is pioneered by Silicon Valley startups that make eVTOLs--electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles. But compared to electric cars, battery-powered aircraft face bigger challenges on both technical and regulatory fronts, let alone the public's acceptance. On June 21, Archer Aviation, a California-based eVTOL startup traded on the New York Stock Exchange, said it had recently begun testing a prototype called Maker with a new configuration that supports "transition flight"--the transition between an aircraft being lifted by vertical propellers and being carried by the wings for horizontal movement.

If AI chatbots are sentient, then they are also squirrels


In Brief No, AI chatbots are not sentient. Just as soon as the story on a Google engineer, who blew the whistle on what he claimed was a sentient language model, went viral, multiple publications stepped in to say he's wrong. The debate on whether the company's LaMDA chatbot is conscious or has a soul or not isn't a very good one, just because it's too easy to shut down the side that believes it does. Like most large language models, LaMDA has billions of parameters and was trained on text scraped from the internet. The model learns the relationships between words, and which ones are more likely to appear next to each other.

Artificial intelligence technology can secure sites by scanning major venues for weapons

FOX News

Experts discuss how artificial intelligence is being used to protect venues by screening for items such as bombs, guns, and knives. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is being used to help secure sites from sports arenas to churches and schools. The technology is being used to scan for weapons, including guns, knives and explosives as people walk between standing panels. If a weapon is spotted, security standing by is alerted. Massachusetts based Evolv has used the technology to scan roughly 300 million people across the country since the system went live in 2019, second only to the TSA.

Vantis UAS System Opens Mission and Community Ops - Channel969


This previous Thursday noticed Vantis, North Dakota's statewide unmanned plane methods (UAS) system, formally rejoice the grand opening of its Mission and Community Operations Middle (MNOC) at GrandSky Enterprise and Aviation Park. The MNOC acts as Vantis' command middle and is crucial to the coordination of beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight operations. "That is the center of Vantis," mentioned Trevor Woods, govt director of the Northern Plains UAS Check Website (NPUASTS), which administers Vantis. "From this location, we have now the know-how to observe and management the distant infrastructure, enabling all the operation. The MNOC will likely be integral to coordinating protected, repeatable BVLOS flights throughout North Dakota, and scalable to bigger areas."

Amazon drones are coming to town. Some locals want to shoot them.

Washington Post - Technology News

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, made a big splash when he announced drone delivery on 60 Minutes in 2013. But the company has struggled to deliver on its promise, so far making just one drone delivery in Cambridge, England in 2016 before the team was disbanded. In March 2020, Bloomberg reported, Amazon hired David Carbon from Boeing to speed the project along, and some employees clashed with his approach. Former flight assistant Cheddi Skeete has spoken out publicly about his safety concerns regarding Prime Air, which has experienced multiple drone crashes during test flights, including one in Oregon that started a 25-acre fire.

DroneUp brings on Andy Thurling to steer UAS airspace innovation - sUAS Information - Channel969


DroneUp, LLC, an autonomous drone supply platform and main drone companies supplier, at present introduced the appointment of Andy Thurling. Mr. Thurling is an completed industrial drone coverage and security skilled and the corporate's first Vice President of Airspace Innovation. On this function, Mr. Thurling will lead the event and execution of DroneUp's airspace and Unmanned Plane System Visitors Administration (UTM) methods. He will even assist create requirements and insurance policies that assist the corporate's path to industrial past visible line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations. Mr. Thurling beforehand was Chief Expertise Officer (CTO) at NUAIR, a New York-based nonprofit group targeted on the protected integration of uncrewed plane techniques (UAS) into the nationwide airspace.

Finest Drones [Updated 2020] Dronethusiast Opinions all of the 2020 Drones - Channel969


Whenever you're shopping for a drone, you by no means need to accept second-best. However with so many quadcopters flooding the buyer market, it may be arduous to know which of them are the very best on your cash. That's why we've had our employees of certified drone specialists put collectively this listing of the perfect drones of 2019. We've chosen the highest drone in every class based mostly on worth, function set, technical specs, and the improvements every brings to the market. Listed below are all of the drone assessment classes at a look, in case you already know what you're on the lookout for and need to soar to the very best drone in a selected part: For individuals who are nonetheless deciding which kind of drone is correct for them, learn on! From micro drones to mid measurement drones to mighty heavy lifters, we've flown each quadrotor that issues and we're able to let you know our picks for the perfect drones of the yr. The next desk exhibits the very best drones damaged down by worth. Or you possibly can scroll previous to see our critiques for every of our prime hex, octo, and quadcopters of the yr. In case you like our drone critiques, try the underside of this web page to see what's coming subsequent in new drones for 2019! Get tremendous quick delivery and superb customer support by buying at Or you possibly can store for the 818 Hornet on Amazon. The Altair 818 Plus quadcopter is a market newcomer, however it's already set itself aside as among the best. With a 15-minute flight time and an additional battery it you marvel why individuals purchase different drones in its $180 worth vary that solely fly for five to 10 minutes.