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Is Listening to Audiobooks Really Reading?


"I listen to a lot of books on audio. But certain more literary friends of mine say it doesn't quite count as reading. Part of me wants to read more, but I find it much easier to listen. I wouldn't put too much stock in what your "literary" friends say; they sound like bores. When it comes down to it, people who think about reading in terms of what "counts"--those who piously log their daily reading metrics and tally up the titles they've consumed on Goodreads--don't seem to actually enjoy books all that much.

AI picks out fake science


A machine learning algorithm that can flag papers that may have come from paper mills could help publishers fight fake scientific studies. Paper mills may be the biggest organised fraud perpetrated on scientific journals ever. While there have been instances of individual researchers manipulating images or simply inventing data, paper mills serve up professional fakery on an industrial scale. Buyers can purchase a paper, or authorship of one, on any topic based on entirely made-up results. Biochemical and biomedical journals have been hit particularly hard, flooded with hundreds of fake research manuscripts.

Trend report: 7 IT Trends in 2022 Easy Software Deployment


Every year there are new trends and developments that demand the attention of the IT administrator. Security, sustainability, the use of software robots and of course AI will be top of mind again next year. Are you curious about these and other trends that will impact the IT department? Fill in the form and receive the trend report in your mailbox!

An Update On AI-Narrated Audiobooks [May 2022]


I've been talking about AI narration for several years now, but it's just starting to go mainstream and I've been getting emails every day recently asking the same questions, so this is a round-up article with the most important information. For context, I am an audiobook narrator. I absolutely value human narrators, and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring professional narrators for my novels and non-fiction over the last decade. I am also a futurist and I embrace AI tools as part of my creative and business practice. This episode is sponsored by my patrons at Thank you for enabling me to continue exploring the future of creativity and the author business model. You can find out lots more on how AI can help you create and earn more in my course on The AI-Assisted Author. You can find all my courses here on Teachable. I'd love to know what you think.

A Novelist and an AI Cowrote Your Next Cringe-Read


Last week, while giving a commencement speech to New York University graduates, pop star Taylor Swift offered a timely bit of advice: "No matter how hard you try to avoid being cringe, you will look back on your life and cringe retrospectively. Cringe is unavoidable over a lifetime." We live in inescapably cringe-y times. Los Angeles-based writer K. Allado-McDowell's new novel, Amor Cringe, is a love letter to cringe maximalism. Allado-McDowell set out to write the cringiest story possible and ended up creating an odd, surprisingly funny little book.

Hurry! Last chance to shop the bestselling Kindle e-reader for under £50

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline may earn an affiliate commission. If you love to read, you'll be pleased to hear that the original Kindle e-reader is on sale for just £49.99 at Amazon - but hurry, this deal ends today. The perfect reading solution for holidays and travelling, rather than weigh down your suitcase with books, the Kindle, which is now on sale with 29 per cent off, comes with 8GB of storage, so it can store thousands of books in one place - like a small library at your fingertips. And you won't even need to buy any titles as it comes with a free three month trial of Kindle Unlimited, giving you free access to millions of fiction and non-fiction titles as well as the latest celebrity autobiographies. While you may prefer the feel of a book, the Kindle has been designed to feel more comfortable to read than paperbacks.

What Can AI Do to Help the Publishing Industry? Trinka


Technological developments impact every sector of business, and the publishing industry is no exception. Publishing and media have been undergoing a rapid transformation as technological developments change the way that people work and plan their approach to tasks. There has been a rise in smart devices and a shift towards conducting much of our day-to-day lives online. This has resulted in print journalism becoming much less popular as online journalism takes over. E-readers have made whole libraries accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, which in turn has influenced trends in content creation and marketing.

Synthetic Voices Want to Take Over Audiobooks


When voice actor Heath Miller sits down in his boatshed-turned-home studio in Maine to record a new audiobook narration, he has already read the text through carefully at least once. To deliver his best performance, he takes notes on each character and any hints of how they should sound. Over the past two years, audiobook roles, like narrating popular fantasy series He Who Fights With Monsters, have become Miller's main source of work. But in December he briefly turned online detective after he saw a tweet from UK sci-fi author Jon Richter disclosing that his latest audiobook had no need for the kind of artistry Miller offers: It was narrated by a synthetic voice. Richter's book listing on Amazon's Audible credited that voice as "Nicholas Smith" without disclosing that it wasn't human. To Miller's surprise, he found that "Smith" voiced a total of around half a dozen on the site from multiple publishers--breaching Audible rules that say audiobooks "must be narrated by a human."

Audiobooks – An Under-Served Market For Artificial Intelligence Voice Text And Voice Solutions


I am not a fan of audiobooks, but I understand that audiobooks are a rapidly expanding market opportunity. Grand View Research predicts a USD $15 billion market by 2027. The problem with meeting or exceeding that expectation is in the challenge of producing significantly more audiobooks. Artificial intelligence (AI) can provide technology that can streamline audiobook production and meet the constantly increasing demand. While the demand for audiobooks is increasing, production of audiobooks faces many procedural challenges.

Journals adopt AI to spot duplicated images in manuscripts


AI software that spots duplicated images in research papers can work faster and on a larger scale than manual checkers -- but still needs editorial oversight.Credit: Laurence Dutton/Getty Just before a study appears in any of ten journals published by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), it undergoes an unusual extra check. Since January 2021, the AACR has been using artificial intelligence (AI) software on all manuscripts it has provisionally accepted after peer review. The aim is to automatically alert editors to duplicated images, including those in which parts have been rotated, filtered, flipped or stretched. The AACR is an early adopter in what could become a trend. Hoping to avoid publishing papers with images that have been doctored -- whether because of outright fraud or inappropriate attempts to beautify findings -- many journals have hired people to manually scan submitted manuscripts for issues, often using software to help check what they find. But Nature has learnt that in the past year, at least four publishers have started automating the process by relying on AI software to spot duplications and partial duplications before manuscripts are published.