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AI Futures: how artificial intelligence is infiltrating the DJ booth


We explored the impact of AI in the studio, with assisted mixing tools from iZotope, right up to full-on machine learning DAWs that can transfer the style of one producer to another project, among many other things. We'll look at how AI has infiltrated the DJ booth, as well as how hyper-personalised generative music apps could lead to an even-more-siloed listening experience across streaming platforms. It's fair to say contemporary pop music follows a certain formula . Those sometimes predictable patterns make it easier for AI to spot trends and more accurately recreate music. For dance music, those patterns are even clearer, generally following a four-, eight- and sixteen-bar arrangement mould, thanks in part to the modern DAW.

Apple Music's new 'Voice Plan' is cheaper, but you have to use Siri


Apple announced a new Apple Music subscription tier dubbed the Voice Plan at its October event. At $4.99 a month, the Voice Plan is the least expensive Apple Music subscription option to date. During the livestream, Apple Music host Zane Lowe appeared thrilled to announce that with the Voice Plan, you "use only your voice and the power of Siri," perhaps forgetting that some people prefer to type in their song searches -- or literally are unable to speak. Mashable confirmed that for subscribers of the Voice Plan, full playback from search only works via voice. There are a few tap-to-play options, however, like everything in the Radio tab and previously purchased or uploaded content in a user's library.

Apple launches $4.99 Voice Plan for Apple Music but Siri may get in the way


Apple is launching a $4.99 Voice Plan for Apple Music so you can use your voice to ask for songs, playlists and stations, but the broader question how much Siri frustration comes with it. The company said the addition was to bring Apple Music to more people. To me, this new plan seems like an upcharge to use Siri, which can be frustrating. Using Siri just to reach the Apple devices that don't support Apple is more about price tiers and getting you in the ecosystem vs. Spotify. What's unclear to me is whether you can get by with just using Siri--the weakest assistant compared to Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant--for access.

Apple Music's new $5 plan only works with Siri


Apple thinks it has a simple way to boost Apple Music adoption: limit control in return for a lower fee. The company has introduced an Apple Music Voice Plan that offers access to the full song catalog for just $5 per month, so long as you're willing to rely solely on Siri control. It's pitched as ideal for HomePod and AirPod owners and others who are more likely to use a voice assistant than tap their phone. The new tier will be available later in the fall in 17 countries, including the US, UK and Canada. You can start a trial by asking Siri to "start my Apple Music Voice trial."

Beethoven's Unfinished 10th Symphony Brought to Life by Artificial Intelligence


Teresa Carey: This is Scientific American's 60-Second Science. Every morning at five o'clock, composer Walter Werzowa would sit down at his computer to anticipate a particular daily e-mail. It came from six time zones away, where a team had been working all night (or day, rather) to draft Beethoven's unfinished 10th Symphony--almost two centuries after his death. The e-mail contained hundreds of variations, and Werzowa listened to them all. Carey: Werzowa was listening for the perfect tune--a sound that was unmistakably Beethoven.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Needs More Epic Viking Tunes


The seas were blessedly calm as we sailed across the channel and straight up the Seine, into the heart of Francia. The skald led us in song, our voices booming across the placid waters, thundering in our veins. We leaped from our longboat onto the shores of Francia, shouting glory to the All-Father as we charged up the beaches. The sounds of glorious battle filled the air. Squelch, squelch, squish, grunt, clang, yell, grunt, clang, squish, squish, squidge.

Build Your First Mood-Based Music Recommendation System in Python


While music genre plays an enormous role in building and displaying social identity, the emotional expression of a song and -- even more importantly -- its emotional impression on the listener is often underestimated in the domain of music preferences. Only a few decades back, choosing music by genre and/or artist was effectively the only option. Want to hear live music? Well, choose an artist or a -- typically genre-based -- festival. Alright, check out our CD shelves categorized by genre and pick an album by an artist you like.

Kanye West Donda Stem Player? How About LALAL.AI Instead


AI stem separation tool for precise stem extraction. Kanye West has recently dropped the Donda Stem Player, a portable speaker to remix, customize tracks and isolate stems from audio. Initially, the speaker was designed as a creative way to interact with Kanye's new album, but it turns out that it's a creators tool on its own. The idea is to mix and match different songs and parts from the new Kanye's album and listen to new tracks each time you press play. You can also upload your own tracks to the Stem Player.

Down The Uncanny Valley


The uncanny valley is the abrupt dip in human affinity to a non-human creature when we see it approaching human-like characteristics. For instance, the spooky feeling when one looks at Sofia the robot or Lil Miquela the Instagram influencer. Really though, Lil Miquela gives me the creeps when I go through her timeline. It is the eeriness of a realistic face with personalized captions with her sense of awareness that she is not a real person that is quite unsettling. There is something surreal about it that makes working with it exciting.

How an AI finished Beethoven's last symphony and what that means for the future of music


When he died in 1827 aged 56, Ludwig van Beethoven left his 10th symphony unfinished. Only a few handwritten notes briefly detailing his plans for the piece have survived, with most just being incomplete ideas or fragments of themes or melodies. Now, a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists at Rutgers University-based start-up Playform AI have trained an artificial intelligence to mimic the great composer's style and used it to write a complete symphony based on these initial sketches. We spoke to the lead researcher on the project, Professor Ahmed Elgammal, to find out more. Beethoven left sketches in different forms, mainly musical sketches, but also some written notes with some ideas in as well.