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Don't Believe the Algorithm WSJD - Technology

Of the 96 people flagged by the algorithm, only one was a correct match. Some errors were obvious, such as the young woman identified as a bald male suspect. In those cases, the police dismissed the match and the carnival-goers never knew they had been flagged. But many were stopped and questioned before being released. And the one "correct" match?

Abortion robots confiscated by police for distributing pills at Belfast protest

The Independent - Tech

Two robots delivering abortion pills at a protest in Belfast have been confiscated by police. The robots were part of an initiative by the group Women on Waves, who claimed that the country's "mediaeval" anti-abortion laws were being broken because the so-called abortion robots were being operated from the Netherlands. "We try to find legal loopholes to draw attention to laws that violate women's rights," Rebecca Gomperts, a spokesperson for Women on Waves, told The Independent. "We've done it before with a ship and a drone to help women who cannot legally get an abortion in their country." One of the small remote controlled vehicles was seized by police before the protest, however a second was deployed after it was hidden by the protestors.