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Bumble Sales Rise on Higher User Spending

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology

Bumble sales climbed in the latest quarter, driven by higher spending by users on its dating apps as prepandemic conditions have largely returned. But the online dating company trimmed its 2022 revenue range to $920 million to $930 million, down from its prior forecast of $934 million to $944 million, largely due to a higher impact from foreign currency movements. Its outlook for sales in the current quarter also fell short of Wall Street expectations.

Art meets AI algorithms


Ali Hirsa, a professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Columbia Engineering, has always been interested in the possibility of merging art and technology. This curiosity led him to collaborate with New York-based artist Marco Gallotta on projects in which they could apply AI algorithms to works of art created by Gallotta. Hirsa recently discussed this partnership with Columbia News, along with his career path from Wall Street to university professor, and advice for those contemplating a similar journey. I have known Marco for eight years. I became familiar with his art during an auction at the primary school that our kids were attending.

Tinder chief leaves dating app after less than a year

The Guardian

The chief executive of Tinder has left the dating app after less than a year after the market value of its parent company plunged by more than a fifth following reporting disappointing results. The departure of Renate Nyborg was one of a number of management changes announced by the $20bn Match Group, which owns dating brands including Hinge, Tinder and Match.com. Its share price plunged by more than 20% on Tuesday after missing Wall Street second-quarter expectations and issuing weaker-than-expected guidance. "Today we are announcing the departure of Tinder chief executive Renate Nyborg, and I have made some changes to the management team and structure that I am confident will help deliver Tinder's full potential," said Bernard Kim, the chief executive of Match Group, in a letter to shareholders. "We have not been able to realise the monetisation successes that we typically deliver. Tinder's current revenue growth expectations for the second half of the year are below our original expectations as a result of disappointing execution on several optimisations and new product initiatives."

Microsoft Earnings Dented by Cloud Slowdown, Videogame Sales Drop

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology

Microsoft suffered its slowest earnings growth in two years, hurt by a sharp slowdown in its cloud business, declining videogame sales and the effects of strong dollar. The company on Tuesday posted sales of $51.9 billion for its fiscal fourth-quarter, up 12% for the same period a year earlier, though below Wall Street expectations. Sales were affected by myriad other issues, including supply-chain disruptions in China, scaling back operations in Russia after the country's invasion of Ukraine and upheaval in the digital-advertising market.

City of Hoboken Partners With Volta to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure at No Cost to City


Volta Inc. an industry-leading electric vehicle ("EV") charging network powering vehicles and commerce, announced its partnership with the City of Hoboken to install 25 conveniently located public EV charging stalls for the City's residents, annual visitors, and commuters over the next 18 months. The addition of the new Volta charging stalls will more than double the number of public EV charging ports available in Hoboken, and Volta and the City of Hoboken may partner to bring even more chargers to the area in the future. The collaboration is a model for how EV charging infrastructure can be efficiently deployed within densely populated urban areas to maximize economic, health, and climate benefits. Volta goes beyond charging as the only EV charging company that directly integrates an eye-catching digital media network into its public charging stations, capturing consumers' attention as they shop and dine at local businesses and walk to entertainment venues, work, and home. Adding 25 new Volta charging stalls and 50 digital media screens in Hoboken expands Volta Media Network's impressions by nearly 20 percent within the New York, NY designated market area (DMA), unlocking additional reach within the most highly ranked DMA for Volta's advertising customers.

Will Artificial Intelligence Rule The World?


NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: A working Enigma cipher machine that along with the 1942 56-page notebook ... [ ] belonging to codebreaker Alan Turing is to be auctioned Bonham's auction house on April 9, 2015 in New York City. The notebook is to be auctioned in New York on Monday. The notebook alone is expected to go for $1 million. Turing's life and work were recently brought to life in the 2014 blockbuster "The Imitation Game", which drew eight Oscar nominations. The Swiss government's Spiez Laboratory, one of whose specialisations is the study of deadly toxins and infectious diseases, is located right in the heart of Switzerland, incidentally not too far away from the Reichenbach Falls, where Sherlock Holmes vanquished Professor Moriarty (more about him later) in'The Final Problem'.

Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Our Future Health? - Benzinga


Thousands of financial investors and Wall Street pundits advise people daily about what economic trends are coming, what stocks are hot and what is on the upswing. Those same investors and banks benefit from financial success by using a bevy of information and data analysis to predict financial risks and steer their clients to recommended strategies. But while big data and research have been the forerunners to competent investment advice, the healthcare industry is seemingly jumping into the mix and using data to predict a person's future health. In its simplest terms, predictive medicine relies on the study and analysis of large quantities of data to determine a patient's future health and the likelihood they may get a disease. A Harvard Business Review report lauded the advent of predictive medicine when it said, "Predictive tools are helping providers -- both doctors' groups and hospitals -- assess patients' risk of contracting a whole host of diseases and conditions. For the volume-to-value paradigm shift in healthcare, predictive analytics, though rarely visible, is the essential enabler."

Why eliminating A.I. bias is much harder than it seems


Problems with biased data run deep. Better representation in training data is often not enough to fix the problem.

How Snowflake Survives a Downturn, According to Wall Street Analysts – Business Insider


While data science and machine learning represents a substantial growth opportunity for Snowflake, it might not necessarily need to over-invest in …

6 Business Applications that Badly Need Better AI - DataScienceCentral.com


The success and growth of AI is undeniable. Yet there are still basic tasks performing poorly, despite or because of automation. In some cases, you can blame reliance on outdated AI. In other cases, it is a result of corporate policies or multiple AI systems that compete against each other. The AI systems in question may be top notch, but they play against each other. It is similar to a Wall Street firm using two separate, competing black box trading systems, resulting in cannibalism.