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Pharmacist reportedly drugged woman on date, charged by police

FOX News

Robert Woods, a pharmacist in Tampa Florida, was charged with sexual battery after he allegedly drugged a woman he met on Tinder. A Florida man who works as a hospital pharmacist was arrested Saturday and charged with sexual battery after he reportedly drugged his Tinder date. According to a police affidavit, Robert Woods, 27, met the woman on the dating app Tinder and the pair agreed to meet at a bar in downtown Tampa, Fox 35 reported. She said she'd found two spots on the left side of her neck where it looked like she'd been injected with something, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The Artificial Intelligence Gap Is Getting Narrower


Sci-fi author Isaac Asimov came up with the "Laws of Robotics," an influential concept, in order to help clarify how humans might constrain their creations. For Asimov, robot intelligence is categorically different from humans': we're governed by ethics we can change in the moment, whereas for robots, self-preservation comes only after protecting and serving man. The Matrix (1999) depicted a burned-out world destroyed by conflict between man and machine but characterized the machines that governed it (and thrived off energy produced by the bodies of imprisoned humans) mainly as skittering, spider-like entities. Westworld, the HBO series based on a Michael Crichton film, plays with similar themes--its robot "hosts" are there to show humans a good time in a futuristic theme park, but the robots crave freedom.

Behold, Donald Trump's completed IQ test (your move Tillerson)


The president challenged the secretary of state to an IQ test today. President Trump, hot under the collar about recent news that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him a moron in front of several cabinet members, has decided to settle the score with an old fashioned IQ-test-off. In an interview with Forbes Tuesday, Trump called the reports of Tillerson's comment "fake news" but added that if the news were true the two would "have to compare IQ tests." We are so thrilled to announce that President Trump has sent us his IQ test, and now we need simply to wait for Secretary Tillerson's results to determine who is the One True Moron of America.


The Japan Times

Astronaut Mark Vande Hei made fast work of greasing the big robot arm's new hand. Vande Hei and station commander Randy Bresnik replaced the latching mechanism on one end of the 58-foot robot arm last Thursday. "I finish six months on the space station," Vande Hei replied. As the space station approached Italy early in the spacewalk, Mission Control urged Bresnik and Vande Hei to take some photos for their crewmate, Paolo Nespoli.

Why Every Business Should Care About Machine Learning


Recent advancements in machine learning are reaching a level of sophistication that are exceeding the expectations of industry analysts and executives alike. Based on my conversations with business owners and executives worldwide, machine learning is clearing pathways to businesses growth, process optimization, and daily employee empowerment. Extending this further, we are moving to a deeper emphasis on integrated intelligent systems leveraging collaborative workspace tools enabling greater efficiency. As machine learning continues to evolve, businesses will innovate cutting-edge applications and use cases that could drive increased efficiency, intelligence, agility, and customer-centricity.

Why Personal Finance needs Artificial Intelligence


Financial advisors can provide high-quality planning and investment services. In actuality it is more like a team of advisors with exceptional abilities to process the vast amount of data and information that describes any individual's personal financial situation in the context of complex financial markets. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon are using AI to develop personalized treatment plans. AI promises to drive down the cost of creating such plans, making cutting-edge treatment more accessible, even commonplace.

Machine Learning for Investors: A Primer -


If you believe any of your standard errors, you take an opinionated view that the underlying data fit a linear model plus a normally distributed error. For instance, what is the nonlinear model that best approximates the data, where'best' means it uses the number of degrees of freedom that makes it optimally predictive out-of-sample? In machine learning, we do numerical optimizations, whereas in old-school statistics we solved a set of equations based on an opinionated view of what'clean' data look like. A single-cell neural network with sigmoid activation performs logistic regression and creates a linear decision boundary.6 Now add a second cell.

Data Scientist job in Pleasanton, CA - October 2017


Will perform complex modeling and algorithm development on large data sets to resolve disparate data into single real-world entities (persons, companies, products, etc.) Typical solutions will use probabilistic matching, machine learning and graph theory on very large scale structured and unstructured data sets. Some of these entity resolution techniques will also be used for fraud detection. This role is more focused on entity resolution techniques used for fraud detection- does involve Machine Learning but not extensive into NLP.

Mensa wants to host the IQ test President Trump is asking for, so what's the hold up?


If President Trump wants to turn his "jokes" into reality, he just might get the chance. ICYMI, Trump challenged Tillerson in an interview with Forbes on Tuesday after allegations that Secretary of State called the President a "moron" in July. The "high IQ society," a non-profit which invites intelligent individuals into its ranks, volunteered to host an IQ test between President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. I know some of you may think l'm tough and harsh but actually I'm a very compassionate person (with a very high IQ) with strong common sense Secretary Tellerson held a press conference last Wednesday to address the NBC News story, but never actually denied calling Trump a "moron."

3 Questions: Robert Granetz on fusion research

MIT News

He recently gave a talk hosted by the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) on using machine learning to develop a real-time warning system for impending disruptions in fusion reactors. The whole goal of fusion energy is to develop large power plants to generate electrical power on the grid, and replace today's fossil-fueled utility power plants, and even replace fission nuclear power plants. But if a fusion power plant is subject to disruptions, its electricity output would suddenly turn off. When dealing with large, complicated datasets, machine learning may be a powerful way of finding subtle patterns in the data that elude human efforts.