[D] What resources for 3D human pose estimation? • r/MachineLearning


Hello, I'm searching for resource for 3D human pose estimation (single person, real time, single or multiple RGB/RGBD cameras).

[P] I've got 1k to pay somebody to help me put together an art project using human pose estimation. • r/MachineLearning


I don't really belong here, considering I barely know how to write some code. But I'm not sure where to look for help building a project where I am trying to utilize Human Pose Estimation and/or skeleton tracking. I've got some funding to pay somebody who is interested in helping, now I just don't know where to find that person, so I thought I'd look here.

Motion-capture footage from the original 'Mortal Kombat' has us on a nostalgia trip


If you ever played the OG Mortal Kombat, you have to see the original motion-capture of actors whose movements and likeness would be the inspiration for one of the greatest gaming franchises of all-time. Imgur user RambleKhron compiled the videos, turning sections of them into gifs with a short description and a link to the video it came from. Below are those choice gifs made by RambleKhron. It's no secret to fans of the original game that motion capture was used for playable fighters. It gave the game its gritty feel, and made the violence more realistic and dangerous at a time when video game violence was seriously under attack by both the media and governments worldwide.



See the included notebook for a detailed explanation and implementation. The model is implemented in Keras/Tensoflow, and is trained on data from 22 3d movies, sampled at 1 fps. Validation is perfomred on 3 held out movies. The total number of stereo frame is about 125K, training took 4 days on a gtx 1070 with batches of 6 stereo images with resolution 192x336 per eye.

Banned In China: Why Live Streaming Video Has Been Censored

International Business Times

A recent ban affecting three of China's biggest online platforms aimed at "cleaning up the air in cyberspace" is just the latest government crackdown on user-generated content, and especially live streaming. This edict, issued by China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) in June, affects video on the social media platform Sina Weibo, as well as video platforms Ifeng and AcFun. In 2014, for example, one of China's biggest online video platforms LETV began removing its app that allowed TV users to access online video, reportedly due to SAPPRFT requirements. China's largest social media network, Sina Weibo, launched an app named Yi Zhibo in 2016 that allows live streaming of games, talent shows and news.

Online video services letting remote grandparents view their descendants' progress

The Japan Times

Two online services using technology to allow grandparents to overcome the distance between them and their grandchildren are proving popular in Japan. Using the technology, relatives can watch on their televisions high-quality images and videos uploaded via the company's application with a simple click of a remote control. In a similar vein, Photocreate Co., which provides an online portal for schoolchildren's pictures shot by professional photographers, added a new feature to its service in May that allows distant grandparents to see images uploaded by parents. The online picture service Snap Snap, introduced by the Tokyo-based company in 2006, has been used by 5,000 schools and kindergartens across Japan.

Six Japanese media firms, led by TBS, to start joint online video service possibly by fall

The Japan Times

Six major Japanese media firms, including Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings Inc., said Tuesday they will jointly establish a new company in July to offer paid online video services. The five other partners in the joint venture are newspaper publisher Nikkei Inc., TV Tokyo Holdings Corp., satellite television broadcaster Wowow Inc. and advertising agencies Dentsu Inc. and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. The new company's content will also include programs compatible with the 4K ultra-high-definition television format. Online video services currently provided by some of the partners will be available for the time being.

'Supernatural' Season 12 Spoilers: Episode 21 Promo And Synopsis Released Online [VIDEO]

International Business Times

Worried about her mother, Alicia called Mary (Samantha Smith) for help. Sadly, "Supernatural" Season 12, episode 20 ended on a tragic note with the murder of Tasha and Alicia. The promo of episode 21, suitably titled "There's Something About Mary," shows Sam devastated to learn that hunters are being killed. Mary (Samantha Smith, pictured here) faces off against Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore) in "Supernatural" in Season 12, episode 21.

'Reign' Season 4 Spoilers: Episode 11 'Dead Of Night' Promo And Synopsis Released Online [VIDEO]

International Business Times

Thank God Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane) wasn't assassinated in the last episode of CW's "Reign." Meanwhile, in England, Gideon, who once loved Mary, shockingly tells his lover that as long as Mary is alive, Catholics will want her on the English throne. With the rivalry between Mary and her cousin strengthening, the Queen of Scots turns to her lover Lord Bothwell (Adam Croasdell) for support. Mary (Adelaide Kane, pictured here) turns to Lord Bothwell (Adam Croasdell, also pictured here) for comfort as she and Lord Darnley (Will Kemp) enact a plan to seize England.

Want to watch movies at home sooner? Warner Bros. chief reports 'good progress' on touchy issue

Los Angeles Times

Warner Bros. and several other major Hollywood studios have been nudging theater chains to let them release new movies on home video only weeks after the movies hit the big screen. Theaters don't like that idea, but according to the head of Warner Bros. Entertainment, they might be coming around. The business model has long been structured to give theaters an ample cushion to make money from a new film by delaying the home video release of movies. But with the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and a decline in traditional home video revenue, film studios want the ability to push films into the home video market much earlier.