Mental health chatbot Woebot can help fight depression

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It runs through Facebook Messenger, and acts as a personal therapist to help address users' mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety. Within the chat, Woebot uses artificial intelligence to create natural, personalised and human-like conversations and offer emotional support to users. Woebot runs through Facebook Messenger, and acts as a personal therapist to help address users' mental health challenges. Within the chat, Woebot uses artificial intelligence to create natural, personalised and human-like conversations and offer emotional support to users.

The data that transformed AI research--and possibly the world


Originally published in 2009 as a research poster stuck in the corner of a Miami Beach conference center, the dataset quickly evolved into an annual competition to see which algorithms could identify objects in the dataset's images with the lowest error rate. "The paradigm shift of the ImageNet thinking is that while a lot of people are paying attention to models, let's pay attention to data," Li said. Having read about WordNet's approach, Li met with professor Christiane Fellbaum, a researcher influential in the continued work on WordNet, during a 2006 visit to Princeton. But back-of-the-napkin math quickly made Li realize that at the undergrads' rate of collecting images it would take 90 years to complete.

Robots and Related Tech Play a Role in Advancing Curricula


Manifestations of robotic and AI teaching technology can already be seen in the educational sphere. While robots are unlikely to replace human educators completely -- students will still need social interaction with other humans -- Johnson believes the technology will "push us to rethink, re-evaluate and reimagine what we think a teacher's role is, who a teacher can be and how we value the work that the teacher is doing." Robin Shoop, director of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy, advocates using robotics to advance computer science, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (CS-STEM) education. "I am most proud of the alumni who have gone on to become engineers and technology teachers who are running FIRST teams of their own," says Jason Rees, a team leader of the FIRST program at Churchville-Chili Central School District in western New York.

The Camera Drone Company That Fell to Earth


In June 2016, Antoine Balaresque, the cofounder and CEO of the hot new startup Lily Robotics, stood before a room of business students at Berkeley's Haas School of Business, ready to reveal the PowerPoint slides that had made him an instant startup celebrity. Lily benefitted from "Demo Day," a startup competition at Berkeley, where Bradlow and Balaresque received $400,000 in seed money from angel investors. According to interviews conducted by the San Francisco DA's office, Chris Frey with CMI Productions, a production company focused on tech companies, said that he was hired along with Kremer to help Lily Robotics produce what would be its launch video. Because the Inspire featured a rotating camera that could shoot from more angles than the Lily, Balaresque and Bradlow told Kremer to make sure that the Inspire maintained stiff shots--more like the footage a Lily camera would make.

What Is The Future Of Technology In America?

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While consumer protection laws clearly outlaw unfair pricing and require equal employment opportunities, the regulations enforcing these laws are increasingly obsolete and impotent. Politicians of all stripes support creating or increasing competition, preventing price-gouging in communities served by monopoly broadband providers and encouraging companies to provide internet service in remote areas. However, scaling up this approach, called distributed microgeneration, requires an electrical system that enables two-way metering – a smart utility system that credits customers for power generated and charges them for power consumed. The United States spends billions of dollars every year on information technology, and tens of billions more on government-funded research and other grants.

Independent Self-Driving Car Projects – Self-Driving Cars – Medium


That's part of what makes the Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program so impressive -- students from around the world have sought out the program in order to learn about the field. Michael is a student in both the Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program and also the Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree Program. Kyle wrote up a deep and detailed blog post about modifying deep neural networks to incorporate uncertainty. Mez implemented a paper from the team at Magic Leap for implementing homography with deep learning.

Robust Algorithms for Machine Learning - DZone AI


One approach is to design more robust algorithms where the testing error is consistent with the training error, or the performance is stable after adding noise to the dataset. For example, using "r" as a measure of similarity in the registration of low-contrast images can produce cases where "close to unity" means 0.998 and "far from unity" means 0.98, and there's no way to compute a p-value due to the extremely non-Gaussian distributions of pixel values involved. Robust statistics are also called nonparametric precisely because the underlying data can have almost any distribution and they will still produce a number that can be associated with a p-value. So while losing signal information can reduce the statistical power of a method, degrading gracefully in the presence of noise is an extremely nice feature to have, particularly when it comes time to deploy a method into production.

Personalized technology is helping researchers make unanticipated connections


Homewood's focus is on developing new technologies for dynamically personalizing the look and feel of games, experimenting with machine learning and how social data can be used. He's doing this work in the context of gaming, focusing on the personalization of gaming with actual data from people's lives: Imagine a game where the visuals are specific to you, your friends or the bands you love for example. "Just as Homewood studies data from behaviors online, Mendeley Suggest uses sophisticated big-data algorithms to look at online behaviors in the research process," Appleton explains. "It will then suggest relevant research and other scientists to potentially collaborate with.



But researchers in AI, and related fields such as learning analytics, are also thinking about how AI can provide more effective feedback to students and teachers. This is the use of technology – including AI – to provide people with information that helps them make better decisions and learn more effectively. So, for instance, rather than focusing on automating the grading of student essays, some researchers are focusing on how they can provide intelligent feedback to students that helps them better assess their own writing. Intelligence amplification helps counteract these concerns by keeping people in the loop.

More Women Are Learning Computer Science! Now, About Those Jobs…


In 2017, largely thanks to a new test aimed at expanding the reach of engineering classes, female participation in these AP tests increased at a faster rate than young boys' participation on the exam in 2017. "I'm delighted to hear that more female, black, and Latino students are taking AP computer science," says Rachel Thomas, a deep learning researcher and advocate for diversity. 'It is a total smoke screen when major tech companies celebrate this news while continuing to fail to address their own toxic environments.' "I think it is a total smoke screen when major tech companies celebrate's Worse yet, seeing improvements in diversity doesn't mean the trend will hold.