Video Friday: SpaceX Rocket Mishaps, Robot Puppy, and Lean Robotics

IEEE Spectrum Robotics Channel

A revolutionary NASA Technology Demonstration Mission project called Dragonfly, designed to enable robotic self-assembly of satellites in Earth orbit, has successfully completed its first major ground demonstration. Over time, the system will integrate 3-D printing technology enabling the automated manufacture of new antennae and even replacement reflectors as needed. Vijay Kumar kicks things off with a talk about "research to enhance tactical situational awareness in urban and complex terrain by enabling the autonomous operation of a collaborative ensemble of microsystems." Next, Sean Humbert from UC Boulder talks about develping the fundamental science, tools, and algorithms to enable mobility of heterogeneous teams of autonomous micro-platforms for tactical situational awareness.

Video Friday: Valkyrie on Rough Terrain, Harvard Arthropods, and Flying Wheeled Robot

IEEE Spectrum Robotics Channel

I suppose you could decide that this project from MIT's Tangible Media Group isn't really a robot, but I think it's arguably robotic enough (and definitely cool enough) that we can let it slide for this week: We present AnimaStage: a hands-on animated craft platform based on an actuated stage. At the end of every semester, UC Berkeley has a design showcase in Jacobs Hall. My modified Racing Roomba takes on the obstacle course at UC Berkeley's annual student vehicle challenge. If so, they didn't put it on this table: Two modules of EJBot propeller-type climbing robot which use a hybrid actuation system.