Temasek looking into cross-border payments, artificial intelligence


SINGAPORE: Temasek International, the management arm of Temasek Holdings, is looking at transnational business-to-business (B2B) payments, fraud detection, as well as artificial intelligence as key areas of investment. Speaking at the Investors Summit on Friday (Nov 17), the president of Temasek International Chia Song Hwee said it will be emphasising on those areas over the next five years. "There is increased complexity and complication between various parties interacting in (the) social and commercial world," said Mr Chia, who is also chief operating officer of Temasek International. "What we want to focus on are the businesses or innovation of technology that will remove the friction in this complicated process." Mr Chia said that B2B payments have very high friction costs, or expenses that come with financial transactions in the form of fees, commissions and tax implications.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Healthcare Industry In Next 5 Years


We've been overusing the term Artificial Intelligence and AI with everyone we meet online and offline. Mostly inspired by its influence in multiple industries. The way industries are employing this smart technology is indeed overwhelming. In fact, the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning is becoming pervasive in all walks of life. This ubiquitous and generous use of AI gives us a tonne of hope and curiosity about how Artificial Intelligence is going to help us deal with our day-to-day hardships.

Here are all the companies besides Tesla that are building trucks of the future


Tesla will reveal its semi-truck design tonight in a highly anticipated event in Hawthorne, California, reaching another goal in founder Elon Musk's "Master Plan" for the company. The semi is the automaker's first shot at disrupting the trucking industry in the same way it brought all-electric cars to the forefront of the consumer auto conversation -- but Tesla won't be alone in its attempt to bring electric, autonomous big rigs to the world's highways. There are multiple next-gen trucking projects in the works from all manner of players, from fledgling startups with one killer concept to major conglomerates launching new brands. Some of the ventures focus on creating all-electric powertrains for heavy-duty vehicles, while others add self-driving features and new fleet logistics systems to standard rigs -- but they all want to shake up the trucking industry. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk rips the press for'ridiculous' coverage of Tesla firings Before Musk takes the stage at 8 p.m. Pacific on Thursday (or jumps on top of his new rig or whatever he winds up doing), lets take a look at a few of the other most exciting trucks in development that could change the way we haul cargo.

17 Israeli companies pioneering artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) gives machines the ability to "think" and accomplish tasks. AI already is a big part of our lives in areas such as banking, shopping, security and healthcare. Soon it will help us get around in automated vehicles. By 2025, the global enterprise AI market is predicted to be worth more than $30 billion. Israeli industry can expect a nice piece of that pie due to its world-class capabilities in AI and its subsets: big-data analysis, natural-language processing, computer vision, machine learning and deep learning.

Four startups that are poised to revolutionize e-commerce in 2018


Robotics and big data have already revolutionized e-commerce. These companies are helping to distribute that revolution evenly. Drone delivery is already available, albeit in limited markets. Flytrex, a drone logistics company, is well on the way to changing that. The company launched the world's first fully autonomous drone delivery system in Iceland this year, cutting average delivery times for e-commerce company AHA by over 75 percent on certain items while saving 60 percent in delivery costs.

SK Telecom, Hyundai to create $45m AI fund


SK Telecom, Hyundai Motor Company, Hanwha Asset Management, and Element AI will create a joint fund to invest in startups with innovative technology, the companies said. Called the AI Alliance Fund, South Korea's largest mobile carrier and the country's biggest car maker, along with Hanwha, will put in $45 million to invest in startups working in AI, smart mobility, and fintech in Europe, Israel, and the US. Element AI, an AI solutions provider founded by AI authority professor Yoshua Bengio of Montreal University, will be the fund's AI advisor. It will leverage the research group's expertise and global network to find promising startups. SK Telecom said it hoped the startups will ultimately improve business for the companies involved.

The Barbell Effect of Machine Learning


If there is one technology that promises to change the world more than any other over the next several decades, it is arguably machine learning. By enabling computers to learn certain things more efficiently than humans and discover certain things that humans cannot, machine learning promises to bring increasing intelligence to software everywhere and enable computers to develop ever new capabilities – from driving cars to diagnosing disease – that were previously thought impossible. While most of the core algorithms that drive machine learning have been around for decades, what has magnified its promise so dramatically in recent years is the extraordinary growth of the two fuels that power these algorithms – data and computing power. Both continue to grow at exponential rates, suggesting that machine learning is at the beginning of a very long and productive run. As revolutionary as machine learning will be, its impact will be highly asymmetric.

7 Artificial Intelligence Trends that will Rule 2018


Artificial Intelligence (AI) remained the driving force of various industries in 2017. With so many tech giants and startups already delving into the AI ecosystem, it is expected to grow with better use cases in the year 2018. Considering the acceptance, development, and applications of AI, here we are with significant opportunities and perils that this ingenious technology will put forth in 2018. "Over the next few years every app, application and service will incorporate AI at some level." Artificial Intelligence (AI) is anticipated to be on the quiet in most of the web and mobile applications.

10 hot startups targeting today's key IT initiatives


Enterprise startups have always played a crucial role in IT portfolios. As much as CIOs would love to centralize technology purchasing decisions with a handful of strategic partners, incumbents can't always meet all of their needs, especially when it comes to emerging technologies. To become better acquainted with startups, many CIOs regularly travel to Silicon Valley to participate in "speed dating," in which venture capitalists invite them to meet the members of their portfolios. Some CIOs host hackathons or Shark Tank-like competitions for external developers to try coding their way into the company's graces. Still others learn of promising new companies from their peers.