Neural Network based Startup Name Generator


In this post I present a Python script that automatically generates suggestions for startup names. You feed it a text corpus with a certain theme, e.g. a Celtic text, and it then outputs similar sounding suggestions. I applied the script to "normal" texts in English, German, and French, and then experimented with corpora of Celtic songs, Pokemon names, and J.R.R. Tolkien's Black Speech, the language of Mordor. I've made a few longer lists of sampled proposals available here. You can find the code, all the text corpora I've used, and some pre-computed models in my GitHub repo: Recently, an associate and I started to found a software company, but most name ideas we came up with were already in use.

This software startup just made artificial intelligence breakthrough using General-AI for 3D Object Recognition from any direction Technology Startups News Tech News


The recognition of objects is one of the main goals for computer vision research. Some of the applications include: the automation on the assembly line, inspection of integrated circuit chips to detect defects in them, security in face and fingerprint recognition, medical diagnosis and detection of abnormal cells that may indicate cancer, remote sensing for automated recognition of possible hostile terrain to generate maps and aids for the visually impaired of mechanical guide dogs. However, 3D object recognition has been one of the challenging processes facing computer vision systems. One Maryland-based startup may finally have the answer to the problem. The startup, Z Advanced Computing, announced today that it has made technical and scientific breakthrough towards Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), where the various attributes and details of 3D (three dimensional) objects can be recognized from any view or angle, using its novel General-AI techniques.

The AI Revolution Is Remaking Every Business in Every Industry NVIDIA Blog


There is no typecast for savvy AI businesses. They come in all sizes and represent an ever broadening swath of industry. Simply put, the era of artificial intelligence is remaking business as we know it. Businesses see AI as a long-term strategic priority. In a recent survey from Infosys, three-quarters of the respondents from large, multinational corporations cited AI as fundamental to the success of their organization's strategy.

Self-driving cars. Scooters. The future of commuting to work is here


U.S. Transportation Secy.: Self-driving tech will make roads safer Innovation is underway to rethink one of the biggest headaches we face on a daily basis: getting to work. From crowdsourced shuttle buses to companies offering rides to lure top talent, here are concepts used in some cities that could one day help your morning commute. Some of the largest US companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook, offer shuttles or arranged ride shares to get employees to work. These shuttles often come with free WiFi, and pick up near employees' homes. "It's the dawn of private transportation systems operating under the radar," Ryan Croft, co-founder of TransitScreen, a startup providing real-time transit planning information, told CNN.

How Music Generated by Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping -- Not Destroying -- The Industry


There is an enduring fear in the music industry that artificial intelligence will replace the artists we love, and end creativity as we know it. As ridiculous as this claim may be, it's grounded in concrete evidence. Last December, an AI-composed song populated several New Music Friday playlists on Spotify, with full support from Spotify execs. An entire startup ecosystem is emerging around services that give artists automated songwriting recommendations, or enable the average internet user to generate customized instrumental tracks at the click of a button. But AI's long-term impact on music creation isn't so cut and dried.

Musiio uses AI to help the music industry curate tracks more efficiently


A former streaming industry exec and an AI specialist walk into a bar… they leave starting an AI company for the music industry. That's not exactly how Singapore-based startup Musiio was formed, but it's close enough -- and the outcome is the same. Co-founders Hazel Savage, formerly of Pandora and Shazam, and Swedish data scientist Aron Pettersson connected at Entrepreneur First in Singapore. The program began in London as a way to help like-minded tech connect with the potential to start projects, so it does mirror the serendipity of meeting new friends in a bar. "We'd probably never have met each other if we hadn't gone to EF," Savage told TechCrunch in an interview.

Artificial intelligence: the game changer in financial services -- P101


In 2017 investors poured in over $15.2B in funding to AI startups across industries. It was a 141% jump in funding from 2016. This monster figure will decrease when machine learning becomes "normal", an essential feature of every product and service: at that point investors will start to be more picky about the AI companies they fund. But let's take a step back. What exactly is artificial intelligence in computer science?

Top 15 Machine Learning Companies - Datamation


Machine learning (ML) is a sector that is both growing exponentially right along with ML's twin, artificial intelligence (AI). IDC predicts that AI and ML spending will explode in the coming years, from $8 billion in 2016 to $47 billion by 2020. While the two terms are used interchangeably, and often together, there is a difference between the two. AI is a large umbrella of automation, while machine learning is a subset of AI that involves a program or application gaining better knowledge or understanding of the task it is performing, based on data, without requiring it to be reprogrammed. Both emerging technologies have spawned new business ventures.

Announcing Ursa Labs: an innovation lab for open source data science


Funding open source software development is a complicated subject. I'm excited to announce that I've founded Ursa Labs (, an independent development lab with the mission of innovation in data science tooling. I am initially partnering with RStudio and Two Sigma to assist me in growing and maintaining the lab's operations, and to align engineering efforts on creating interoperable, cross-language computational systems for data science, all powered by Apache Arrow. In this post, I explain the rationale for forming Ursa Labs and what to expect in the future. In recent years, the world's businesses have become more dependent than ever on open source software ("OSS", henceforth).

Medical artificial intelligence firm BenevolentAI secures $115m in funding


BenevolentAI has secured $115 million in funding to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the development of new medical treatments. On Wednesday, the startup said the cash injection came from both new and existing investors at a pre-money valuation of $2 billion. Founded in 2013, the British company has now raised $202 million to date, according to Crunchbase. Investors include Woodford Investment Management, Lundbeck, and Lansdowne Partners. The identity of some investors has not been disclosed.