How to Document Chatbot Requirements – Chatbots Magazine


Chatbot technology has hit the market recently. This new piece of software enabled brands with a very intuitive way to communicate with their customers -- conversation. This triggered a range of new ideas coming to creative minds. However, it takes a lot of work to turn a chatbot idea into a project. In fact, it requires a complete step-by-step chatbot strategy starting from goal definition to publishing and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence Drone Defeats Fighter Pilot: The Future?


In an intriguing paper certain to catch the eye of senior Pentagon officials, a company claims that an artificial intelligence program it designed allowed drones to repeatedly and convincingly "defeat" a human pilot in simulations in a test done with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). A highly experienced former Air Force battle manager, Gene Lee, tried repeatedly and failed to score a kill and "he was shot out of the air by the reds every time after protracted engagements." All of the missile battles were executed beyond Beyond Visual Range. "It seemed to be aware of my intentions and reacting instantly to my changes in flight and my missile deployment. It knew how to defeat the shot I was taking.

How to Pre-Order Both of Nintendo's Labo Kits


Nintendo has sold a lot of Switches in the last year thanks to the console's unique ability to play games on a TV and on the go, but also thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Though they came from 30 year-old franchises, both games helped millions fall in love with them all over again. In 2018, Nintendo is setting its sights in a direction it hasn't aimed at before: the do-it yourself crowd. Nintendo Labo are a series of experiences for Switch that let you (or your kids) build cardboard objects and play games with them. Robots, fishing poles, pianos... there's a lot to build and try here.

Microsoft's AI is a robo Van Gogh that could change how designers work


Microsoft has developed an AI to draw entirely original images based on nothing more than text. You type it, a computer draws it, and we're one step closer to a world where using software like Photoshop and Illustrator is a hands-off experience. Researchers created a text-to-image bot that spits out pretty amazing images when fed a series of descriptive words like "this bird is red with white and has a very short beak." This was accomplished through the creation of neural network called an Attentional Generative Adversarial Network (AttnGAN) that creates the image pixel-by-pixel. Like any other artist or designer, it does both broad strokes and fine details in layers.

The future of AI and endpoint security


Ensuring endpoint security has always been a key challenge for enterprises. But whereas it was once enough to install antivirus (AV) software across a network and expect a reasonable level of endpoint protection, this is no longer the case. With the proliferation of bring your own device policies in the workplace and the wide variety of smart devices available to end users, not to mention the growth of IoT, there are more endpoints than ever, and endpoint security has never been more under threat. Get the latest from CSO by signing up for our newsletters. Various studies put the number of security breaches originating at endpoints between 70 and 95 per cent.

AI Definitions: Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning vs. Cognitive Computing vs. Robotics vs. Strong AI….


AI is the compelling topic of tech conversations du jour, yet within these conversations confusion often reigns – confusion caused by loose use of AI terminology. The problem is that AI comes in a variety of forms, each one with its own distinct range of capabilities and techniques, and at its own stage of development. Some forms of AI that we frequently hear about, such as Artificial General Intelligence, the kind of AI that might someday automate all work and that we might lose control of – may never come to pass. Others are doing useful work and are driving growth in the high performance sector of the technology industry. These definitions aren't meant to be the final word on AI terminology, the industry is growing and changing so fast that terms will change and new ones will be added.

Machine learning tools for fairness, at scale


Check out the machine learning sessions at the Strata Data Conference in London, May 21-24, 2018. Hurry--best price ends February 23. The problem of fairness comes up in any discussion of data ethics. We've seen analyses of products like COMPASS, we've seen the maps that show where Amazon first offered same-day delivery, and we've seen how job listings shown to women are skewed toward lower-paying jobs. We also know that "fair" is a difficult concept for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the data used to train machine learning models.

New Google Service Makes Machine Learning More Accessible


Google on Wednesday released its Cloud AutoML Vision service in Alpha. It is the first in a planned series of Cloud AutoML services designed to help people with limited machine learning expertise build their own custom models using advanced techniques such as learning2learn and transfer learning. Learning2learn is a process for automating machine learning, while transfer learning "takes a fully trained model for a set of categories and retrains it from the existing weights for new classes," a Google Cloud spokesperson told the E-Commerce Times in a statement provided by company rep Danny McCrone. Cloud AutoML Vision makes it faster and easier to create custom ML models for image recognition. Its drag-and-drop interface lets users upload images, train and manage models, then deploy those trained models directly on Google Cloud.

#Open #IoT with #Blockchain #AI and #BigData – Paradigm Interactions


There will be many people who will say it does exist and has working technologies, hardware and software. It is an interesting error in thinking to focus on closed system devices/products as to what Ubiquity (IoT3) is. Devices are used to get across the point of various types of connections and networks being accessed. But more importantly in a full implementation of the concept of Ubiquity (often described as the IoT) devices may not even be owned anymore. The ownership of devices ceases to be important if you can own your digital identity, can verify it and establish your own ecosystem of assets in Blockchain.

Surviving AI in the Law Firm: Be the One Asking Questions, Not Collecting Answers


There are a lot of frightened lawyers out there, scared that artificial intelligence will gobble up their jobs. Some lawyers are right to be scared: the ones who don't do enough thinking while they make their living. Think of all times when you're on the phone with a customer service person and are getting an answer that makes no sense to you (but seems perfectly fine to him). That rep who can only explain his company's policy with, "That's what the computer is saying," is like the lawyer whose job is doomed. For a bright employment future, you want to be the lawyer who looks at the answers AI produces, not just the one who asks the computer questions.