Ticket-buying robots facing ban


The UK government is drawing up plans to ban robots from buying tickets for concerts and musicals – and, I assume, other things you might need tickets for, such as An Evening With Les Dennis. Actually, what the authorities want to crack down on is ticket touts swallowing up vast amounts of tickets with automated software – which they then sell on at massively inflated prices to fill their greedy pockets. The ticket-tackling legislation will be presented to MPs this week, and if passed those who use software in such a covetous manner will'face an unlimited fine'. Back in December, the Telegraph reported that tickets to the hip-hop musical Hamilton were being sold by touts for up to £6,000. Meanwhile, and also in 2017, the inexplicably popular Ed Sheeran was so incensed by the antics of touts that he cancelled 10,000 tickets to some of his shows that were being sold online at ridiculous prices.

Top 5 Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence domain


Artificial intelligence is one of the highest demanding fields. It includes general AI, expert systems also known as data mining, machine learning, Neural Network and lastly, fuzzy systems. These have been essential and interesting topics among the students, scholars, faculties as well as professionals. Since AI has provided enough information to the public, we can then use this article to inform the upcoming generation to be more knowledgeable about the career opportunities relating to this domain. AI is all about Machine learning and deep learning which involves three major steps including Identifying data sources, creating a system to analyze that data, and make final decisions on the basis of the analyzed data.

Is Your Company Ready for Artificial Intelligence? RoboticsTomorrow


The future of AI will require facing rapid change, vagueness, and difficulty. We need to be prepared for different adaptations of the future. There is no way to know what path the development of AI will take. What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI is the science that attempts to create intelligent robots.

Horizon Robotics Exerts Tight Grip Over Artificial Intelligence Stack


As the race intensifies to run machine learning tasks in embedded devices instead of the cloud, several companies are trying to set themselves up with custom chips to ease the shift. Horizon Robotics is not only tackling chips but also software and the cloud, with an eye toward beating rivals in applications like security cameras and autonomous cars. "The chip is the local brain that directly senses the surrounding environment, while the algorithm is the miner of the data," said Kai Yu, founder and chief executive of Horizon Robotics, and the former head of Baidu's artificial intelligence unit, called the Institute of Deep Learning, in an interview with Electronic Design. "We want to empower end devices with A.I. capacity and make them smart without relying on the cloud alone," Yu said, adding that the "chip and algorithms are used to perceive and filter big data, perform real-time processing and transmit valuable data to the cloud for further mining and modeling. The central component in Horizon Robotics' SoCs is the brain processing unit, a custom block of circuitry that specializes in algorithms trained on vast libraries of images, hundreds of hours of video, or other data.

Artificial intelligence is too powerful to be left to Facebook, Amazon and other tech giants


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's testimony before Congress made one thing clear: the government needs an Federal Artificial Intelligence Agency. Facebook FB, -0.26% is a canary in the proverbial AI coal mine. AI is going to play an enormous role in our lives and in the global economy. It is the key to self-driving cars, the Amazon AMZN, -0.63% Alexa in your home, autonomous trading desks on Wall Street, innovation in medicine, and cyberwar defenses. Technology is rarely good nor evil -- it's all in how humans use it.

The Machine Learning Potential of a Combined Tech Approach


This is the first in a five-part series exploring the potential of unified deep learning with CPU, GPU and FGPA technologies. This post explores the machine learning potential of combining different advanced technologies. Deep learning and complex machine learning has quickly become one of the most important computationally intensive applications for a wide variety of fields. The combination of large data sets, high-performance computational capabilities, and evolving and improving algorithms has enabled many successful applications which were previously difficult or impossible to consider. This series explores the challenges of deep learning training and inference, and discusses the benefits of a comprehensive approach for combining CPU, GPU, and FPGA technologies, along with the appropriate software frameworks in a unified deep learning architecture.

Machine Learning: What It Can and Cannot Do For Your Organization Analytics Insight


For years, science fiction movies have portrayed technological marvels that involved artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Now that it is part of our lives, organizations need to understand that it's not all about fancy algorithms and models, it's about making it easier to use. AI, particularly machine learning can drive tangible business value for a broad spectrum of industries. Despite the momentous volume of data available, organizations are still struggling to deploy these technologies to solve real business problems. Simply put, the challenge for most organizations isn't that machine learning doesn't work, but that they actually struggle to use it.

How Data Scientists Are Helping Retailers Predict Purchases and Returns


Despite recent blows to the footwear industry, there's ample reason to be hopeful with cutting-edge technology. "We're living in amazing times where new innovations coming out of research in these fields is capturing people's imaginations. And those innovations will be realities in the not-too-distant future," said Acharya. "Today, we're creating machine-learning algorithms to help retailers incorporate all these sources of data and solve new business challenges." He pointed to returns forecasting -- and how data science can help -- as one example.

Huawei P20 Pro review: The best phone you'll never buy


For the past few months, Huawei has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons -- the US government warned against buying the company's phones, which led to the breakdown of near-final deals with AT&T and Verizon. Then Best Buy, one of its few US retail partners, backed away too. We're not sure if the concerns hold any weight, but one thing is clear: It sucks to be Huawei right now. And in the midst of that turmoil, Huawei revealed its new P20 Pro, a remarkably well-built device with a triple camera system and loads of style. I doubt that would ever win over a Sinophobic bureaucrat though, so there's a strong chance no one in the US will ever be able to walk into a store and buy one.

Why Amazon's home robots aren't a stretch: All the infrastructure, ecosystem via AWS is in place


From connected light bulbs, to plant sensors, to smart locks, and beyond, smart home tech is growing and evolving rapidly. Here you'll find the latest product reviews, news, and how-tos to help you connect your surroundings to the internet in the smartest way possible. Amazon is reportedly plotting to launch a series of home robots and although it's unclear what these domestic helpers would do the one certainty is that the company already has the software stack in place to make the project a success. Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon's Lab126, which incubates new products and services, is working on a domestic robot codenamed Vesta. The Vesta robot effort is different than the Amazon robotics business formed via the 2012 acquisition of Kiva Systems.