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Facebook Wants to Open Special 'Community Skills Hubs' in Europe and Train a Million People


The U.S. company – which has faced regulatory pressure in Europe over issues ranging from privacy to antitrust – said it would open three "community skills hubs" in Spain, Poland and Italy as well as investing 10 million euros ($12.2 million) in France through its artificial intelligence research facility. "People are worried that the digital revolution is leaving people behind and we want to make sure that we're investing in digital skills to get people the skills they need to fully participate in the digital economy," Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, told Reuters. The community hubs will offer training in digital skills, media literacy and online safety to groups with limited access to technology, including old people, the young and refugees. Facebook also committed to having trained one million people and business owners by 2020. "Absolutely we want to make sure that people see that we are investing locally, we're investing in technology, we're investing in humans," Sandberg said.

Visual Aesthetics: Judging photo quality using AI techniques


Visual aesthetics has been shown to critically affect a variety of constructs such as perceived usability, satisfaction, and pleasure. However, visual aesthetics is also a subjective concept and therefore, presents its unique challenges in training a machine learning algorithm to learn such subjectiveness. Given the importance of visual aesthetics in human-computer interaction, it is vital that machines adequately assess the concept of visual aesthetics. Machine learning, especially deep learning techniques have already shown great promise on tasks with well-defined goals such as identifying objects in images or translating from one language to another. However, quantification of image aesthetics has been one of the most persistent problems in image processing and computer vision.

Facebook to Open Digital Training Hubs in Europe

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The U.S. company - which has faced regulatory pressure in Europe over issues ranging from privacy to antitrust - said it would open three "community skills hubs" in Spain, Poland and Italy as well as investing 10 million euros ($12.2 million) in France through its artificial intelligence research facility.



In this video we talk about Auto ML by Google brain. Auto ML is one of the first successful automated AI projects. Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formerly known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Google's Artificial Intelligence Built an AI That Outperforms Any Made by Humans Google's New AI Is Better at Creating AI Than the Company's Engineers

[P] Beginner - What to look for • r/MachineLearning


So I'm a .NET developer been doing it for a few years now. AI has always been a seeming interest of mine. Now I've finally found a "Simple", enjoyable and "practical" use for building a system which could utilize a form of Machine Learning. So to give some context; the project is to classify outliers in a large amount of program errors we get on a day to day basis. So, we'll get roughly 100 or so just general errors ranging from "The phone number you used doesn't exist", these are what I'd like to call general errors, or noise.

Recruiting: AI Bots for Candidate Scheduling


Recruiting has many facets that make up the function. Administrative work is the least desirable facet in my opinion. Scheduling is a huge part of that administrative workload but necessary to keep the engine running. I find myself most productive when I'm performing research/sourcing, on the phone with prospects/candidates, and meeting with clients. That's two-thirds of my activities that require time on my calendar.

Bluemix: Using dashDB and Insights for Twitter services to collect and store Twitter data


As part of my Technology and Innovation MBA program at Ted Rogers School of Management, I took a data and knowledge management course which teaches students the principles and practices of knowledge management. The second part of the course delves on tools used in data management and analytics. Although the theoretical part of the course was a bit dry, the hands-on portion was very interesting and exposed students to several different tools to capture, clean and analyze data. One of the tasks given to students was to capture and analyze twitter data. Although students had access to Netlytics, which is a neat cloud-based text and social network analysis tool that also collects Twitter data, students were encouraged to find other ways to collect Twitter data.

10 Scary Facts About Artificial Intelligence


Don't worry, everybody-robots haven't figured out how to take over the world…yet. However, humans are programming them to do some crazy stuff. More Interesting facts about 10 Scary Facts About Artificial Intelligence: Are technological advances in artificial intelligence getting to the point where humans are essentially in the early stages of programming the end of humanity at the hands of what we now consider to be just robotic minions? It's been commonplace for decades that robots are replacing people in the manufacturing sector, and looking forward surgeons might be sweating a little more as C-3PO's relatives start moving into the operating room. We are committed to telling the world's greatest stories about history, geography and world culture.

AI: What's Working, What's Not


It's the golden age of artificial intelligence (AI), a.k.a. But like every golden age, there's a gold rush-like buzz in the air that makes it hard to tell what's hype and what's not; what's actually happening now vs. what will happen later (or not at all). What should we pay attention to... and how do we know where to look? And what should every business be thinking about? Andreessen Horowitz operating partner and head of the deal and research team Frank Chen reflects on all this and more, in this talk delivered at our most recent annual a16z Summit, which took place November 2017.

[N] The most versatile labeling tool for machine learning • r/MachineLearning


We recently started open beta for Labelbox. You can simply connect your data, choose or customize an open source labeling interface, invite team members and start labeling. Our labeling interfaces are open source, meaning, that you can customize it to work with any kind of data such as images, videos, point clouds, medical DICOM and many more (as long as your data can be loaded in the browser). We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas to improve this further.