Neo4j raises $80 million for next-generation graph databases


They're a type of non-relational technology that depicts relationships connecting various entities -- for instance, two people in a social network. And if the news today out of graph database company Neo4j is any indication, they're a veritable cash cow. Neo4j announced that it has raised $80 million in a Series E funding round led by One Peak Ventures and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, with participation from Creandum, Eight Roads, and Greenbridge Partners. The San Mateo firm has brought in $160 million to date -- the largest cumulative investment in a graph database company, it claims -- and now has over 100 employees across offices in San Francisco and Malmö, Sweden. Emil Eifrem, Neo4j's CEO and cofounder, said the capital would be used to grow its developer tools and support popular use cases, particularly graph-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems.

New book recounts origins, mechanisms of artificial intelligence Media Relations and Communications


This article was written by a human being who click-clacked on a keyboard until she finished a draft and sent it to an editor. But more and more, computers are taking over. In fact, the Associated Press has used "automation technology" to cover college sports since 2015. The idea isn't new--humans have obsessed over artificial intelligence (AI) since at least the 18th century, when the "Mechanical Turk" hoax led many to believe that a machine could play chess against a person and win. About 250 years later, a machine can play chess against a person and win--every time.

Facebook axe accounts of Russian firms using facial recognition

Daily Mail

Facebook has removed accounts, pages and apps linked to firms which build facial recognition software for the Russian government. The social media giant announced on Thursday it had removed 66 accounts associated with SocialDataHub and its sister firm Fubutech. It said the companies had violated Facebook policy by scraping data from the social network. 'Facebook has reason to believe your work for the government has included matching photos from individuals' personal social media accounts in order to identify them,' the company said in a cease-and-desist letter to SocialDataHub, The New York Times reported. The companies involved, which share 52 employees in Moscow, were reportedly given until yesterday to confirm what data they had taken and delete it.

BootstrapLabs Announces Fourth Annual Artificial Intelligence Conference


BootstrapLabs, a leading venture capital firm focusing on Applied AI and based in Silicon Valley, announced today the 4th annual Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held in San Francisco on April 18, 2019. The BootstrapLabs Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference (#AAI19) has grown to become one of the top AI events in the U.S. Mentioned in publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch and Fortune, and selected by Business Insider as one of the top 20 AI conferences to attend, the exclusive conference has brought together over 2,000 professionals and is considered by many AI leaders to be the best forum to learn, network and discover the latest Applied AI technologies. The one-day conference will focus on the latest and future impacts of AI applications across a breadth of sectors including Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy, FinTech, the Future of Work, IoT and Cybersecurity. The conference will take place in downtown San Francisco and will feature keynotes from Artificial Intelligence leaders who will share practical wisdom and methodologies on how to take advantage of AI's powerful potential. Many CTOs, CIOs and AI/ML experts from top tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Uber, MasterCard, Unity, Airbnb, Linkedin, Intel, Samsung, Tesla, JP Morgan, Comcast, Microsoft, IBM, Walmart and many others, including top AI founders and government officials, have been participating during past conference editions.

ProMedica Health System to Deploy PeriGen Artificial Intelligence Solution Focused on Improving Outcomes in Childbirth Markets Insider


PeriGen, an innovator of perinatal early warning systems, today announced that ProMedica, a not-for-profit integrated health care organization serving 30 states, plans to deploy the company's PeriWatch Vigilance, an artificial intelligence-based maternal-fetal early warning system (EWS), in all of its labor and delivery hospitals. Vigilance is designed to help clinicians identify troubling trends earlier and more consistently than manual assessments and creates a common language for nurses and physicians to assess cases. The artificial intelligence-driven technology, developed by PeriGen, is the latest chapter in ProMedica's commitment to lead improvement in Ohio and Michigan's infant and maternal mortality and morbidity rates, which currently rank near the bottom of the nation. The software is designed to be implemented in a matter of weeks and brings an unprecedented level of monitoring to the labor and delivery floor. It does not require replacing any current systems already in place.

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance)


As an adjunct to AI initiatives being jointly developed by IT World Canada, CATAAlliance and SalesChoice, we are now providing the community with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada Group on Linkedin. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada is a collaborative Forum, created and managed by IT World Canada, CATAAlliance and SalesChoice, where executives access research, share information, provide advocacy guidance and meet peers committed to advancing Canada's AI leadership. Part of our a shared community approach and mission is to cultivate every advantage and eliminate every barrier to Canada's AI competitiveness, and to facilitate AI adoption across all business and public sectors. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada is fully moderated and part of a multi faceted AI products and services leadership and branding program developed by IT World Canada, CATAAlliance & SalesChoice. Please review the Benefits of this Program and then for more information contact us at:

Effect.AI - Getting Ready To Dethrone Amazon's Mechanical Turk - NEO For Beginners


Effect.AI published a new video blog informing the community about some of the latest developments regarding the project. Effect.AI's vision for its'Mechanical Turk', microtask platform is simply inspiring as its leadership is clearly choosing to build Effect.AI in a socially responsible way. Let's recap what the project is about, have a listen to what Polina Boykova has to say and connect some of the dots regarding the project's ambitions. Effect.AI has a three-staged approach with regards to building, what they call, the'Effect Network'. In the first and current stage, Effect.AI is aiming at disintermediating and decentralizing crowdsourced'micro-tasking'.

AI Startup Socialeads Raises $750k in Seed Funding FinSMEs


Socialeads, Inc., a Milwaukee-based AI & machine learning technology startup, closed $750k seed funding round. The round was led by The Winnebago Seed Fund with participation from Northwestern Mutual's Cream City Venture Capital and the BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation. The participation from Cream City Venture Capital expands its stake in Socialeads who won Northwestern Mutual's Reverse Pitch last fall. The financing will be used to expand the company's resourcing needs to launch initial pilots for Northwestern Mutual's financial advisors. Founded in 2018 by Larry Hitchcock and Matthew Salzer, Socialeads provides an AI platform for financial services companies and their advisors to know the size, depth, and value of their professional and personal social networks.

How Bloomberg journalists use data science to move financial markets


Bloomberg journalists have been breaking business news since 1990, but these days their reporting relies increasingly on data science. This change has thrust the head of data science, Gideon Mann, into a key role in the newsroom. The computer science graduate spent seven years as a staff research scientist at Google before he joined Bloomberg in 2014, but had little prior experience of finance and was initially surprised to see the influence that journalists have on markets. "Before I started at Bloomberg, I didn't understand the nature of how news moves markets," Mann told Computerworld UK from Bloomberg's new £1 billion European headquarters in the heart of the City of London. "Things happen in the real world and usually there's a journalist that's writing and talking about them and spreading the word, and that's how that information gets disseminated."

Microsoft is now bigger than IBM has ever been - but Google's growth is astonishing


Microsoft reached another two milestones when it unveiled its annual financial results last week. First, as ZDNet noted, its annual revenues passed $100bn for the first time. But I'm sure the Softies are not going to get complacent about that: Microsoft will also know that it has already been overtaken by a much younger firm: Google. Worse, Google is still growing faster than Microsoft, though the success of Microsoft's Azure cloud may yet keep it in the hunt. Microsoft's annual revenues of $110.4bn took it past'peak IBM', but Google did it even faster.