Americans now more fearful of self-driving cars, AAA survey shows


A Waymo self-driving van was involved in a car accident Friday afternoon in Chandler, Ariz. The self-driving van is not believed to be at fault, but this incident is still under investigation. U.S. drivers' fears of fully autonomous (self-driving) vehicles has risen in the past several months according to a new survey by AAA. Late last year a survey of American drivers revealed that 63% were wary of riding in a fully autonomous (self-driving) car. A new survey by AAA shows that nearly three-quarters (73%) now fear riding in a self-driving vehicle.

FPT Software floats trial of self-driving cars - Vietnam Insider


FPT Software has asked the Ministry of Transport and relevant sectors for permission to operate self-driving autos in hi-tech zones and software parks nationwide on an experimental basis. FPT said it had studied the self-driving technology from 2016 to October 31, 2017, before announcing the first self-driving vehicle in Viet Nam. The company had been operating trams in central Da Nang City (around F-Complex, FPT Software Da Nang) and self-driving cars around FPT Software HCM City. The self-driving vehicles have a speed of 20-25kmph on an average and can reach up to 40kmph in a straight direction. It can self-align, turn in line and avoid obstacles or tripping when needed.

The End Of Parking Lots As We Know Them: Designing For A Driverless Future

Forbes Technology

Future commercial developments will include dedicated drop-off and pick-up zones for autonomous ride vehicles rather than on-site parking, according to design firm Gensler. A world in which robotic ride and delivery services are commonplace is years away, but what to do if you've got big-ticket commercial real estate projects in the works now? Turns out that future is already being baked in, according to the largest U.S. architecture firm. The full impact of self-driving vehicle technology will unfold over years, but Andy Cohen, the Los Angeles-based co-CEO for design firm Gensler, is convinced it will bring the end of parking structures as we know them, require more expansive building drop-off and pickup zones and more elaborate entry lobbies. Over time it opens up opportunities to reclaim curb space dedicated to metered parking and redevelop land in prime urban spots currently taken up by gas stations.

The Dirty Truth Coming for Self-Driving Cars


Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University that examines emerging technologies, public policy, and society. Who will clean self-driving vehicles? I found myself wondering this recently as my son and I tidied the family car after a road trip. We'd been driving for only five hours, but we had produced two grocery bags of trash: water bottles, parking stubs, wrappers from lunchtime hoagies, reading material, a roll of Scotch tape, and a ping-pong ball among other miscellany that had accumulated over the short time. In my family, I'm the one who remembers to clean out the car, so I'm all too familiar with the volume and medley of mess that can be generated in vehicle regularly used by adults and kids.

Uber's self-driving car saw the pedestrian but didn't swerve – report

The Guardian

An Uber self-driving test car which killed a woman crossing the street detected her but decided not to react immediately, a report has said. The car was travelling at 40mph (64km/h) in self-driving mode when it collided with 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg at about 10pm on 18 March. Herzberg was pushing a bicycle across the road outside of a crossing. She later died from her injuries. Although the car's sensors detected Herzberg, its software which decides how it should react was tuned too far in favour of ignoring objects in its path which might be "false positives" (such as plastic bags), according to a report from the Information.

Self-driving Uber likely killed woman because it ignored her

Daily Mail

Uber's self-driving technology software detected a woman as she was crossing the street with her bicycle in Arizona in March but failed to react immediately before she was fatally hit by an autonomous vehicle, according to the results of an internal investigation. The cameras, Lidar, and radar were all working properly on the semi-autonomous Volvo SUV as it was driving at normal speed on a highway in Tempe on the night of March 18. But the system did not react when it detected a woman walking across the highway since it was programmed to treat passing objects on the road such as plastic bags as'false positives' that ought to be ignored, according to the results of Uber's preliminary probe. Uber's self-driving technology software detected a woman as she was crossing the street with her bicycle in Arizona in March but failed to react immediately before she was fatally hit by an autonomous vehicle, according to the results of an internal investigation The Volvo SUV was in self-driving mode with a human back-up operator behind the wheel when a woman walking a bicycle was hit. Elaine Herzberg, 49, died in hospital.

MIT's MapLite brings self-driving vehicles to country roads


The development of self-driving vehicles is in full swing, but there are bumps in the road ahead. Companies including Google are testing full fleets of autonomous vehicles, but one of the major obstacles is that self-driving systems require maps of their environments in order to avoid objects, hazards, and to navigate safely. Driving-related objects, including stop signs, pedestrian crossings, curbs, and more must be mapped in order for self-driving vehicles to act in an appropriate manner on our roads. This requirement alone has limited self-driving car pilots to the major cities and towns in which technology firms and automakers are performing tests and investing in the creation of full 3D maps. However, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hope that a new navigation system will free autonomous vehicles from city streets.

Shocking moment self-driving vehicle get into car crash in Arizona

Daily Mail

A self-driving vehicle was hit in a violent car crash in Arizona. On Friday self-driving vehicle company Waymo released video footage of one of its vehicles getting hit as it was being tested in Chandler. The video captures the moments right before the crash, where a silver Honda is seen driving at high speed as it swerves out of its lane and crashes into the Waymo car. The clip reveals the moment the Honda travelling east swerves right in front of the Waymo self-driving van. The crash took place on Chandler Boulevard and Los Feliz Drive and the wreck is now under investigation.

Toyota builds self-driving car facility to test edge cases


Toyota said on Thursday it is building a closed-course test facility in Michigan for its self-driving vehicle technology that will replicate "edge case" driving scenarios that are too dangerous to conduct on public roads. The facility at Ottawa Lake, which is being built by the Toyota Research Institute, will go into operation in October. "This new site will give us the flexibility to customize driving scenarios that will push the limits of our technology and move us closer to conceiving a human-driven vehicle that is incapable of causing a crash," Ryan Eustice, the Toyota Research Institute's senior vice president of automated driving, said in a statement. Automakers such as General Motors Co and companies such as Alphabet Inc unit Waymo have been racing to develop self-driving cars and be the first to market with a viable product. But questions about the safety of self-driving technology and oversight of developers were raised after a fatal collision between an Uber Technologies Inc self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian in Arizona in March.

Harvard Forum Examining Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles

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Some experts are pointing to the March death of a pedestrian struck by a self-driving Uber vehicle in Tempe, Arizona, as cause for serious safety concern. It was the first death involving a fully autonomous test vehicle.