Nvidia Unveils New Supercomputers and AI Algorithms


Describing his company as "all-in" when it comes to artificial intelligence and virtual reality, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang today unveiled new GPUs and AI platforms for developers at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, Calif. While many of the new products and platforms are intended for data centers, Nvidia designed its new VR rendering tool, called Iray VR, to work with consumer devices. The Iray VR algorithms will let users experience more realistic scenes thanks to its ray-tracing technology. It's designed to accurately represent real-world materials and surfaces, so "carbon fiber looks like carbon fiber," Huang said. There are two versions of Iray VR, one for desktops and data centers, and a version called Iray VR Lite that can run on a wide range of platforms, from full-scale VR headsets to the free Google Cardboard.