If you own a Ford pickup truck, it probably just got recalled


Ford has issued a recall of approximately 1.3 million of its vehicles. SEE ALSO: A futurist and innovations expert explains what is and isn't real about AI in movies Ford announced today that the recalled models lack a shield to protect their side doors' latches from water. This is a problem because water can severely damage a door's latch or actuation cable, the cable that facilitates the opening and closing of the door. If a cable or latch is damaged by water or freezes, it can stop the door from being able to open or close. It could also make your car door unable to fully close, putting it at risk of flying open while you're driving.

Ford and Lyft team up to put driverless cars on the road

Los Angeles Times

Ford will begin testing self-driving cars on ride-hailing company Lyft's network with human drivers at the wheel for backup, the companies said late Tuesday. Ford also plans to test self-driving cars on the Lyft network with no human in the driver's seat. Earlier this month, a Silicon Valley startup said it would partner with Lyft to test driverless cars in San Francisco, with human drivers at the wheel. Lyft offers automakers and technology companies millions of miles of experience, and in return the ride-hailing company gets to avoid the capital expense of building driverless cars itself.

Ford's 2Q Profit Better Than Expected Despite CEO Turmoil


Total revenue rose 1 percent to $39.85 billion. The elevated performance in the second quarter was due mostly to a lowering of the company's corporate tax rate, from 30 percent down to 10 percent, Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks acknowledged. But analysts pointed out that with the lower tax rate, that likely means a lower full-year net income than the $9 billion Ford previously guided. Ford Credit's revenue rose 7 percent to $2.7 billion in the quarter.

Robots will make Tesla worth as Apple says CEO Elon Musk

Daily Mail

The company will be rolling out three more production lines including one in the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc (NUMMI) factory in Fremont in California is projected to build 100,000 more cars every year. The company will be rolling out three more production lines including one in the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc (NUMMI) factory in Fremont in California which is projected to build 100,000 more cars every year. Experts suggested both claims appear to be part of a concerted effort to emphasise the company's role in the economy - and to fend off criticism from Donald Trump. Experts suggested both claims appear to be part of a concerted effort to emphasise the company's role in the economy - and to fend off criticism from Donald Trump.

Ford is investing $1 billion in self-driving tech startup Argo AI


Ford is investing $1bn (£801m) over the next five years in tech startup Argo AI to help the Detroit company achieve its goal to deliver a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021, the companies announced on Friday. In August last year, Ford announced plans to sell fully autonomous self-driving cars, without steering wheels, for urban ride-sharing fleets by 2021. The announcement comes as the race to develop autonomous technology among auto companies and tech firms such as Alphabet, Uber and Tesla, continues to heat up. "As Ford expands to be an auto and a mobility company, we believe that investing in Argo AI will create significant value for our shareholders by strengthening Ford's leadership in bringing self-driving vehicles to market in the near term and by creating technology that could be licensed to others in the future."

Ford to invest USD1 bn in artificial intelligence startup


Ford will take a majority stake in Argo AI, an artificial intelligence company based in Pittsburgh, started in late 2016 by former Google and Uber employees who had worked on autonomous driving. Nair said research towards full autonomy has moved "beyond the research phase," but there remains the need for a "tremendous leap" between the driver-assist technologies now available and full autonomy. Argo AI employees will have a minority equity stake in the venture. Argo AI plans to hire more than 200 people at sites in Pittsburgh, Michigan and Silicon Valley, according to a press release.

Ford just invested $1 billion in a secretive AI startup founded by former Google and Uber execs


Ford is investing $1 billion in a secretive artificial intelligence startup headed by former Google and Uber execs to advance its self-driving car efforts. The startup, Argo AI, was founded by Bryan Salesky, the former director of hardware for Google's self-driving-car efforts, and Peter Rander, Uber's engineering lead at its autonomous cars center. According to Ford Chief Technical Officer Raj Nair, $1 billion is what it costs to develop advanced autonomous technology, and the investment is consistent with what Ford said its capital allocation in the space would be when it presented information to investors last year. Ford is facing increasing pressure from Waymo, the self-driving-car company operating under Google's parent company Alphabet, and Uber.

Ford cancels Mexico factory and will invest in Michigan in 'vote of confidence' for Trump plans

Los Angeles Times

Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it was scrapping plans to build a $1.6-billion factory in Mexico and would invest $700 million to expand a Michigan plant to build electric and autonomous vehicles that will add 700 jobs there in a move Ford's chief executive said was a "vote of confidence" in the economic policies of President-elect Donald Trump. A company news release didn't mention Trump, but Chief Executive Mark Fields told CNN on Tuesday that the new plans were "a vote of confidence" in the direction of the U.S. economy under the president-elect. The $700-million expansion of Ford's Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Flat Rock, Mich., over the next four years will enable the factory to make a new "small utility vehicle with extended battery range" as well as "fully autonomous" vehicles for ride-hailing services, Ford said. Shifting Focus production to Hermasillo, Mexico, from Wayne, Mich., will enable that U.S. plant to make products that will safeguard 3,500 jobs, Ford said.

Tesla cars to have full self-driving gear, but feature disabled for now


Tesla Motors' cars will come fitted with full self-driving hardware, as the company jousts with tech rivals like Google and car makers like Ford who are making a dash for the autonomous car market. The company has since then upgraded the Autopilot technology, adding radar as a primary control sensor. The radar was added to all Tesla vehicles in October 2014 as part of the Autopilot hardware suite, but was only meant to be a supplementary sensor to the primary camera and image processing system, Tesla said. The company said that as of Wednesday all cars, including Model 3, produced in its factory will have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability "at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver."

Ignore Trump: Ford's Move to Mexico Is Good for US Workers


Ford's plan to shift the production of small cars from Michigan to Mexico dismayed those people worried about the demise of American manufacturing. In fact, Ford building small cars in Mexico allows the automaker to ramp up production of trucks and SUVs in the states, which is good news locally and more widely. Labor comprises a smaller percentage of the cost of larger, more expensive vehicles like trucks and SUVs, which have far larger profit margins for automakers. In other words, it makes more economic sense to build cheap cars abroad and expensive cars at home--which is what Ford plans to do.