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The Care and Feeding of Machine Learning - Carbon Black


Ingest incoming binaries: extract and compute features, statistics, and abstractions from incoming binaries. Binaries come from customers, partners, and trawls of the web for the diverse goodware and malware samples. The output of this task is a series of predictions about binaries' potential maliciousness and relationships to known malware families. Intelligence comes from our partners, our customers, and Carbon Black malware analysts.

Report 81 12 Stanford KSL

Classics (Collection 2)

Problems related to an inadequate data base of interpretation rules. The same set of production rules can suggest possible structural interpretations of 13C spectral features. Any individual 13C feature permits a great variety of st,:uctural interpretations. This paper presents an "expert system" devised to aid organic chemists in determining the structure (i.e. the arrangement of atoms and bonds) of newly isolated, naturally occurring compounds. The system exploits a data base of rules for analyzing.013