How AI and automation are changing the insurance industry


Perhaps the biggest advantage of exploring these technologies is that insurers now have more touch points with a broader demographic of customers; giving them the data needed to create bespoke packages that justify the cost of service. The second hasn't yet bought into digital disruption, and the focus is on making sure the core set of services is working for the customer. To be able to respond to the concerns being voiced by consumers, and to harness the business agility needed to respond to market trends, insurance businesses from the c-suite down need to make a culture shift. By mirroring this innovation with new internal processes, and by aligning innovation teams with those looking after the core business offerings, the face of insurance will change as we know it.

'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Starts Dating Again, Shows Daughter Her Bumble Account

International Business Times

While scrolling through pictures of potential mates, Leah's daughters Addie, 4, and Aleeah Grace are in the backseat. Leah Messer said dating again makes her "anxious" on "Teen Mom 2" Season 8, episode 11. One person not nervous about the date -- Leah's daughter Addie, whom she shares with Jeremy. After the dinner, Leah tells "Teen Mom 2" producers she likely won't get together with Josh again.

Identifying optimal product prices

MIT News

Within six months of implementing the algorithm, it increased Rue La La's revenue by 10 percent. Simchi-Levi's process involves three steps for generating better price predictions: The first step involves matching products with similar characteristics to the products to be optimized. The second step requires testing a price against actual sales, and adjusting the product's pricing curve to match real-life results. For deals with fewer bookings per day than the median, the average increase in revenue was 116 percent, while revenue increased only 14 percent for deals with more bookings per day than the median.

Retail Revolutionized: Three ways to profit from artificial intelligence


Whether we're receiving coupons based on our spending, or product suggestions based on other people's spending, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how consumers shop and experience brands. Some retailers already recognize ways for AI to complement their human workforce and boost profits. Stitch Fix is a clothing retailer that combines the expertise of fashion stylists with algorithms that analyze unstructured consumer data to deliver hand-picked items based on their preferences2. As AI makes online shopping easier, customers are less likely to go to stores for commodity products such as laundry detergent.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change School Forever


No, she's not wielding a crystal ball; instead, she has AI-powered software to study your child's learning habits and social interactions through a combination of cognitive modeling and machine learning. "Essentially, we're talking about the same sorts of systems that beat the best poker players in the world … being repurposed to understand high school students," says Ming, explaining how they will help today's pupils build better futures. From AI systems that warn when and where a student will struggle to intelligent personalized tutors, here's a glimpse of education's future. What AI can do in a high school context is … finally focus on the core of any high school experience -- coming to understand your emotions and your relationship to your world; coming to understand metacognition, your own thought processes; and being able to self-assess and structure your plans.

Walmart will use Nvidia and AI to gain ground on Amazon


Wal-Mart will build a "GPU farm" using graphics processing units (GPUs) from NVIDIA to power its cloud platform, which would be about 1/10th of the size of Amazon's massive cloud operations. In its most recent quarter, data center revenue from AI soared 175% over the prior year quarter. During the second quarter 2017, online sales in the US grew to $111.5 billion, yet accounted for 8.9% of US retail sales. Wal-Mart doesn't want to cede these sales to Amazon, and recent moves show that the retailer is positioning itself to better compete in the digital realm.

The Brave New World Of Artificial Intelligence-Based Fake Restaurant Reviews


Researchers at the University of Chicago have successfully trained a neural network to generate realistic Yelp reviews. To the chagrin of these review-sensitive businesses, researchers at the University of Chicago have successfully taught a neural network to write realistic fake reviews in order to determine if machine learning could be abused to create malicious negative review attacks or artificially inflate a business' online ratings. In recent years, it has become commonplace to find Craiglist posts looking for fake review writers to submit posts to online reviewing sites, including Yelp and Amazon. Much like how the neural network was trained to review existing reviews for a specified business, these fake review ghost writers similarly try to mimic reviews already published on a business' Yelp page.

Reviews of Clinton's memoir were deleted for violating company guidelines, Amazon says

PBS NewsHour

Tommy Noonan, founder of product review analysis site ReviewMeta, says concerns that Amazon's deletions serve as a cover-up of negative press is false, according to his data. In the case of Clinton's book, most of the unverified reviews flagged for removal happened to be negative. After a deeper investigation into similar cases, Noonan says "review brigades" were probably at work. According to research by Eric Anderson from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern and Duncan Simester at MIT Sloan School of Management, reviews by unverified users are twice as likely to receive a one-star review.

The End of "one-size-fits-all" Banking?


As the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices continues to transform the banking experience, customers expect to be able to log in, check their balance and make payments instantly on multiple platforms, wherever they are. This starts with ensuring a secure, convenient digital banking journey. Machine-learning now means banks can combine everything from geo-localisation to device profiling and behavioural biometrics to monitor data from the user and their device to offer convenient and robust protection based on adaptive security measures. The solution also improves risk management processes because of its multiple layers of assessment including device, location and user behaviour.

Full-Stack Engineering Meetup


We'll be hosting at a new location - so try not to show up to Greenhouse's office:) Brian is the Head of Data Science at Zocdoc, an online doctor marketing place and booking tool, and is also an Adjunct Professor for NYU's Center for Data Science graduate program. Pedro is the Head of Search Engineering at Zocdoc, and online marketplace and booking tool. Pedro is a technology lead with over 15 years of experience dealing with operating systems, electronic trading systems, and full stack web development. At Zocdoc, we have built a patient friendly search system to power our core doctor discovery and booking platform using various products from the AWS stack and custom Machine Learning pipelines.